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2006 Kawasaki Mule 3010 trans ONE wheel turned inwards


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Hello.  I have 2006 kawasaki mule 3010 trans 4x4 that has the drivers side wheel turning inwards while the passenger side is straight.  What would cause this to happen and what would you suggest to repair.  Thanks.  Adjusted the tie rods, but wont fix this.

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We had a wet Winter here and use this for farm chores.  The alley way has gotten rutted up, and so that has created some bumps and nothing huge.    I will say this, about 3 months ago the passenger side front shock upper bracket weld broke and we had to re-weld that install, so I look at that on the drivers side and its still in good shape.

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You'll probably need to get that wheel off the ground. Then try grabbing the tire, and manually moving it through the turn it would make, if you were using the steering wheel. Left/right etc. Then look to see where its broke. It should be quickly obvious when you see something flopping around. If not, then my money is on the inner tie rod. Although it could be the rack. But since its just one side, that inner tie rod seems most likely. You might have to pull that boot to be certain. Since that inner rod is mostly hidden by the boot. Don't damage that boot, and try not to break the tie that's holding it if possible. Since if it's anything like a car, those ties take a special, expensive, never used again tool, to replace them. You'll end up using zip ties on em, or hose clamps. That just isn't the same kind of seal. See if you can gently slide those off. Preserving the boot is really the hardest part of the job. Inner tie rods are definitely a do it yourself job. 

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