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Hey all, my name is Gary and my gal is Glynda. We live in Arroyo Grande CA about 3 miles from Oceano Dunes. If anyones up for a ride at the dunes or other nearby places give us a jingle.

Hi Gary, if you ever get up to Reno and Sand Mountain give us a call.

I don't know what you ride but we have a little bit of everything here.

RZR's, Rhino's, quads, dirt bikes, VW and China buggies, Full blown sand rails, rock crawlers.

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    • By dorough
      I just bought a Buck 450X... right before discovering this board and reading a lot of not-so-good posts. But I hope I'm right when I believe that the squeaky wheel gets the grease, and surely there must be plenty of happy Massimo owners out there and I don't need to return my new toy to Lowe's.
      So... if you own a Massimo and like it, I'd love to hear from you! Please let me know what you like and enjoy about it and if you've had only minor or no issues - compared to other posts I've read.
    • By Tejun
      Back in February, we decided to buy a new Honda Pioneer 1000. Took a bit to find one but finally scooped one up from a dealer about 2 hrs away. Once we got it home, I had plans to clean up the Coleman and sell it. Well, got it all cleaned up and posted it on FB Marketplace and had a few folks very interested with my asking price higher than what I'd paid for it. I'd always go through all the issues I had with it when talking to a perspective buyer and I'd get that look that tells you they might be a bit hesitant. The thing is, these are mechanical machines. They have quirks and things you learn and know about as you own it. Nothing I've had happen to the Coleman gives me concern so far. Ultimately, one guy was very interested but wanted me to come down on pricing...... Wife and I talked about it and decided to just keep it. I certainly could not find another SxS that has been maintained like this one if I decided to get another one so I use the Coleman and my wife drives the Honda
      Its now been about 1.5 yrs since I purchased this SxS. If you look back at some of my posts, I had a few issues with running rough when I first got it. Since then, I've changed the injector, all fuel lines and added a 10 micron inline fuel filter. Put about 320 or so miles on it after all that. I've done 2 oil changes (using Royal Purple synthetic) and have pretty much followed all the maintenance guidelines, including cleaning and inspecting the muffler baffle. One thing that was persistent was it would start right up first thing in the morning and  when it would cycle through the startup diagnostic checks, it would start to idle rough and even die some of the time. It would start right up and be ok, but that would be the norm for first start in morning. Several months ago,  I met the owner of a company called Motor Purr located here in Hemphill. One of his products is a  Gas & Diesel Fuel Injector cleaner. The owner asked if I'd like to try some of his product so I got a few bottles and started to add it to my gas when fueling up. Its been about 3 weeks since I added it to a fresh tank of fuel, and it has really started to idle better (even better than it had been) and that stutter/die problem on first startup has completely gone away. I'm going to continue using the additive and monitoring performance of the Coleman and see how things go. I currently have 650 miles on it, 98% of those miles have been right here on my property. I don't abuse it, or go mud riding like some folks. 
    • By joey mccarty
      I have replaced the ignition coil, spark plug, injector, fuel filter, map sensor, iac sensor, checked fuel pump and it still acts like it wants to cut out when my revs are over 3100 rpms. the problem is intermittent but happens frequently and i dont want to leave my hisun at a dealer 100 miles away and wait months. It never stalls but it idles rough and sometimes when its real bad i cant go over 10 mph. yes i fasten seat belts
    • eManualOnline
    • By Chris M.
      I purchased a new Axis 500  last year . I have about 20 hours run time. I now have a sound coming from underneath  that sounds like a bunch of rocks sliding around in a metal pan when it's moving forward. Anyone have any ideas on what's causing this. The sound seems to be coming from underneath the floor board. Any insight would be appreciated.
      Chris M.
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