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1999 Mule 2500 Engine Swap


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Does anybody know if a kawasaki FD440V engine will interchange with an FD620D? It looks like the same engine from the outside but has an internal governer which you would not need to connect and a different crank output side so maybe you could swap cranks or have the FD440V splined at a machine shop. It is 15HP instead of 20 HP  which isn't great but is probably plenty of power for most applications, so I am assuming it has a different bore size but you can pick them up for cheap. I don't need an engine now but would like to have a spare on the shelf. The FD440V is used in John Deere rider mowers model LX178.


Here is an example of one on Ebay with decent pics:


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Well, one problem is it's  440V, that engine is made to be a Vertical shaft engine. 

not a horizontal shaft, though it appears that way in the picture. So you will have to worry about getting oil to all the parts, and oil getting where it possibly should not be. And it pretty much won't replace a horizontal shaft without major modification.

Better off looking at Briggs or Kohler, or another Kawasaki

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Even though it's pressurized, the  oil level would have to be above the pickup.


Look up brand newengines.com they have repower page that shows you what engines will fit your equipment.

Most important is crankshaft pto length and diameter, and electrical.

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