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2018 Hisun Sector 750 Stalling


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    • By J Gill
      any suggestions? my 2019 mule sx fi wont idle down completely, I have to lift the box and flick the throttle lever and it comes back down.
    • By Hoppy one
      We have had this thing for several years and it’s always worked great. A few weeks ago the brake pedal went to the floor and won’t pump and pressure. I replaced the master cylinder and I still have the same problem. It won’t pump up to bleed the brakes. It still acts like a bad master cylinder. I cannot find any leaks. Any ideas? I’m going to bleed the master cylinder again this weekend. 
    • By marchboom
      I am looking to buy a UTV and the CF Moto ZForce 800 Trail looks pretty good.  But after watching numerous You Tube videos it appears that they have a serious air filter problem. Is this a problem with the type of filter or the intake location...........or both?  I wouldn't want to get a new UTV only to get it home and have to start modifying it.
    • By JSACH
      Machine has a clatter / rattle at start-up, lacks power and doesn't run very well.  A mechanic I talked with has just repaired another KYMCO with similar symptoms and the cam shaft had a flat lobe. Anyone else have or know of this soft cam issue?  Getting parts right now is also a problem.
    • eManualOnline
    • By Imtoorelaxed
      I recently purchased a used 2016 Cub Cadet 750 Challenger Crew.  It has never really ran very smoothly. I just replaced the clutch which was badly worn. But when driving in high it revs to 5400 but doesn’t seem to shift into high gear. It only reaches 20mph. I’m using Amsoil 10w40 Utv oil. It also sputters at that RPM range. I’ve ordered a new injector and am going to add a fuel filter. I’m hoping that will help with the sputtering but it the transmission issue I would like some suggestions on. Thanks.  
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    • By FlossJohnnie Fowler
      Wondering if the 24 clock on my 2020 Hisun Sector 750 can be changed to 12 hour and if so how do I do it? TIA
    • By Devin
      Turns over great, has spark, shoots fuel, but it just won't start.. I've replaced starter, starter soliniod, battery and fuel injector.. I have no idea where to start now.. any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. 
    • By Justin Reed
      I'm sure it's been covered but does anyone know of any aftermarket tow setup I can attach to my sector 250? Or do I need to fabricate something myself? 
    • By Matthew Gray
      Hey there tried to search the forum and come up with nothing, I know i have seen it here. 
      What  is the Delphi code reader needed to Diagnose a 2018 Hisun Sector 750, got one with spark, fuel and no run. bit bizzare.
      Would like to get a code reader from alixpress or amazon or something as we don't have a local dealer, can anyone help me with a part number, or know of a good unit that works?
      thanks very much

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