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I have a land master  LM 400. Starts up just fine and idles fine but as soon as I run it for a little bit it seems to start sputtering so I pulled a choke out and it runs fine for a couple seconds and then I push the choke back in and it just shuts off. Any suggestions as to why? 

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Choking an engine provides a rich fuel mixture be lessening the amount of air entering the carburetor. So somewhere you have a fuel restriction, I would start by cleaning all fuel lines making sure the are clear of debris, if it has a fuel pump, be sure it works properly, and change the fuel filter.

If none of that works there's possibly a blocked jet in the carburetor that needs cleaned.

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    • By scotthunts
      Does any of you utv enthusiast own a "hybrid " model. I have researched for hours and the only true hybrid I could find has been discontinued since 2016. It was made by American Landmaster. I know there are a few companies that have hybrids but the gas motor on them is only a generator to keep the electric running. The Landmaster hybrid actually had a Subaru Gas engine and an electric motor as well. The electric ran the front axle and tires and the gas would run the back. To me this sounds like the perfect match but American Landmaster said they did not sell many so they discontinued them. You had a choice to run all gas, all electric, or both. The nice thing is when you ran the gas it would charge the batteries as well. I lease some hunting land and I think this combo would be excellent for me. I could run the gas to do food plots, put up and maintain stands or any other "off season" projects. During hunting season I could use the electric for a little more silent ride. What do you guys (and gals) think? Does anyone have one? Do you know of anyone? All and info positive or negative would be appreciated! Thanks in advance - Scott 
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      I am having shifter problems.  The gears are grinding and now it will not go into neutral.  Is it easier to adjust the cables from under the hood or under the bed?  Both are difficult to reach for an old woman.  
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      I am lookong into getting a utv to use around the hoise and farm, along with some easy trail riding. I won't be going crazy on the trails, but would like to take it into the woods some.
      Has anyone had experience with an american sports works Landmaster? I can't afford and really wouldn't want to spend 8,9 or 10 k on a ranger, rhino etc... Is this a good alt? 
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      Good Morning Folks..Happy New Year, I have been having some intermittent issues with my 2015 American Landmaster LM500 not going into neutral. Seems if I shut the engine off it would pop into neutral. Yesterday I was splitting firewood with a 500 pound log splitter that I pushed to my wood area up a slight grade. I was not able to get it into neutral which I assumed was due to the pressure of the weight of the splitter pushing back. after I finished splitting wood, I used the weight of the splitter to roll back down the hill to my driveway. I unhooked the splitter but still could not get it to go into neutral or start. I dragged it back into my barn with my mower as I don't leave anything outside over night. I am at a loss what to check to try to fix this. I use my UTV (Eustas) every day that I am at my place where I keep it and will be lost without it. Thoughts? 
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      Has anyone ever installed a exhaust silencer on there Landmaster? I recently retired from the military and having a lot more time to deer hunt and want something to quite my utv’s exhaust so it’s not so loud going up the mountain. Thanks! 
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