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Wheel Specs Help Please


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I have one of the Mule Pros that is stuck in Stop Sale Purgatory. It is a 2019 Mule Pro FXT EPS. When it gets released I am definitely swapping the tires out for some ITP Blackwater Evolutions. I am considering wheels. Other than a 12 inch diameter (which I will stay with) I can't find any other specs. about the factory wheels. 

When I look at after market wheels they list what appears to be the offset (ex. 3.5x3.5) but I have no idea what the factory wheels are. This is a very important consideration for me. Due to the width of my trailer I just cant get comfortable with a wheel that will make my tires poke out any farther than they already are.

I am hoping someone here can tell me the wheel specs. I need to be shopping for in order to remain factory and avoid any loading/unloading problems. Thanks.

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