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T-Boss 410 Oil change

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My method for removing tight drain plugs is get a box end wrench, correct size, and a hammer. Put the wrench on the plug head, and hit the other end of the wrench with the hammer, it's basically like a Poor mans impact wrench.

Be sure you are turning counter clockwise.

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I couldn't get the oil drain loose on my MSU 700 either.  So I picked up one of those oil extractors.  Remove the dip stick insert the tube all the way and pump to suck all the oil out.   Never crawl under it to change the oil again!

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Thanks everybody, I emailed Massimo company about the oil filter. They replied and said would have technician mail me. The technetium must have forgot? I bought a oil extractor like somebody suggested. It kinda works, I couldn't get but a little less than a Quart of break-in oil out. So I just added enough to fill it. I figure if there is no oil filter what's the difference?  

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