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Questions on 2017 Challenger 750 crew

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Hello everyone.  I purchased a 2017 Challenger 750 eps Crew with 400 miles and find the exhaust noise is awful.  I saw in another post chatter about a 2019 exhaust upgrade?  Anyone have info on this?  I also would like to know the typical RPMs for speed.  I am running 4k at 20mph in hi range and it seems like it does not have the power I expected.  

So far I have added a custom mount rear winch, soft rear window and upgraded LED headligjt bulbs.  I am looking for any other upgrades people have done.


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Well that could be.  I have seen other complaints about the noise.  I dont have anything to judge it by.  I am going to take it to the dealer and have him go through it.  The machine is like new and Im getting 15 miles per gallon so it seems like engine is running efficiently.

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The exhaust upgrade does not do much for the noise, it just removes the likelihood of breaking the pipe going to the muffler.  Most of my noise cam from a cracked pipe. It helps to duct the air piping from the clutch to the rear of the cab.  Both intake and exhaust.  Mine runs 5500 rpm at 40 mph.  6000 at 45.  The gas mileage was much closer to 25 mph.

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