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Looking for any helpful experience using a UTV for bushhogging pasture


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Hi Everyone,

I'm wondering if anyone can help me with their experience. The last time I drove any of this stuff, it was a Honda Big Red 500 and a Honda Odessy dune buggy. I'm looking at a utv for pulling a pull-behind bushhog over about 14 acres of rolling pasture. most places are risky on a tractor, so the utv would have to do the whole thing twice annually. Tractors are made to pull implements that drag and take that abuse. While a pull-behind won't be like a plow, it will put a constant drag on the machine's frame. Would I be asking too much of a utv? And, if not, what kind of specs are we talking about? Diesel or gas? Any dealer will give me a thumbs up, but...



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Thanks, Travis. What do you think of the Kawasaki Mule diesel model? Their 3 year warranty looks interesting. I have a good friend who, based on his experience with kubotas through work, suggested I look for something else. I know that would be second hand for anyone here, so I'd have to grant them the right to speak their own experience. Just the same, I couldn't buy one without having doubts. It's a big purchase.

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First what kind of mower are you thinking of pulling? Most all bush hogs are PTO driven and require either a 3 point lift or remote hydraulics to operate, meaning you have to have some way to spin the blades, and some way to lift it.  Now, a "pull behind, self powered" mower would work, but the largest I've seen is around 5 maybe 6 feet for the cut. They attach to the tow vehicle, have their own adjustable height wheels and their own engine. I had a Bush Hog brand (GT42) I think that was nothing more than a pull behind lawn mower, although it did have a stout blade for tough grass. 42 inches is not much of a cut width.

14 acres, that'll take a while. I have about 8 acres of pasture that I mow with a 6 Rhino finishing mower set at 3 inches, it takes me around 4 - 5 hours to mow that.

To answer your question, depending on the steepness of your "rolling hills" just about any of the  4 wheel drives could handle it,  but then again if it's "risky" on a tractor, may be risky on a utv also..

Good luck,


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Hi Roger,

Thank for responding. After talking with the local Honda dealer, I bought a Honda Pioneer 500 this evening. Seems that is a popular model around here for what I need to do. You're right about risky being risky. It's more a skill and experience question for me. I have a used  44" Swisher rough cut. As I get more familiar with working on the slopes, I'll be able to speed up a little and then even go to a bigger mower. There are some steep, tight areas a tractor could do in the hands of an experienced operator, maybe. I have very little time on my compact tractor, and a utv is going to be more forgiving. A local man has been bushhogging the pasture on a Ford, but the time has come for me to take over. If I had his skill and experience...  He has warned about the slopes because they are pretty steep, and they stay pretty wet with dew and short rains off the mountains.

Thank you everyone for your help.


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