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Just moved up from A to UTV

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After owning a Polaris Sportsman forever, I bought a golf cart to use as well.   That went well for a couple years but I recently decided to sell both and move up to a UTV.  After looking at and missing out on a few used units, I decided to buy new and went with my avatar.  Since finding this forum I've read a few horror stories about the older Massimo models and am aware of the "fixes" for those.  Currently still in the break-in mode and adding accessories along the way.  May do a few trail rides here and there, but it's mostly a hunting vehicle, so it's main use will be to haul stands in and deer out!   

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Speaking of the older Massimo's.  I purchased a MSU 700 from Tractor Supply in April of 2016.  I currently have over 3300 miles on it and have been happy with it for the most part.  I was bad to overheat when I first got it and the cooling fan would not come at times.  So I simply bypassed the sensor/switch and added a manual switch for the cooling fan.  I pretty much run the fan all the times.  I've replaced the suspension bushings and a few wheel bearing.   We used it around the farm, trail ride here on the farm and have taken it to the Hatfield-McCoy trails in WV several times.   My wife wishes it had power steering.  Replaced the cheap windshield that came with it.  The original had the fold right in your line of sight, poor design!  Installed bucket seats that I had from a Mazda Miata.  I replaced the clutch and belt (the belt was fine but I replaced it while I was in there) at around 3000 miles, I wasn't using a MA or MA2 approved engine oil. 

For the most part it has been a good machine and we have been happy with it.  The only time I wish I had a different machine is when we ride the trails in WV and our friends have Polaris RZR's and Cam Am's.  We can go anywhere they go but not as fast up extremely long hills. 



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welcome ... Hope you are having fun with the new rig..... but as a fellow Massimo survivor, I implore you to watch engine temp.. They are notorious for overheating problems..and it only takes once or twice to cook headgaskets.... and Massimo wont warrenty it. { I speak from experience}  Most of us have bypassed fan thermo switch and run continuous fan or install adjustable fan controllers in warm/hot  weather .. 

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Took it for it's first extended run this past Sunday, about 4 hours of trails.  Mud holes, steep inclines and quite a bit of climbing over small boulders.  Never got above three bars on the temp gauge and the fan was kicking in at times.  What level would be considered getting hot, 4 bars?

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yeah, just keep a close eye on it, and do not run it hot for even a minute or the cheap head gasket will leak immediately.  If you check complaint/review  sites  like BBB or  PISSED CONSUMER.COM about Massimo , the number one problem is overheating and Masimos refusal to pay any warrenty claims and shops refusal to work on them because of it .. Hopefully you will not find out first hand.. Good Luck and enjoy the machine , they are fun when they run ... 

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