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2012 Polaris RZR 800 Known Issues?

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  • Alex changed the title to 2012 Polaris RZR 800 Known Issues?

Bombadier, Artic-Cat and Polaris are names cemented in my mind due to growing up in Maine--in the 50s and 60s those names were synonymous with "snowmobile".

IMHO, however like most  older well established "leaders" in the vehicle  industry they fell back and sat on their fat laurels while the Japanese and Asians took over market share with both price and quality. The Asians now dominate the market for recreational vehicles--this is best evidenced by all three of the above named brands now having Asian produced vehicles in their "line-ups".

The Asian makers are doing to the Japanese recreational vehicle  industry just what the Japenese automotive industry did to the American auto industry (another example of sitting on their fat laurels while the world passed them by (most 70s and 80s US cars were absolute crap).

The early Jap  cars were the "Yugos" of the day--I remember a neighbour buying a 1958 Toyota Crown. it was the joke of the neighbourhood. But, the Japs, like all Asians, are a proud people and their response to the laughter was to build better cars.   The US auto industry is a small fraction of what it was in 1960.

But I digress (as I am wont to do); getting back to the OP's concern, buying used is always a "pig-in-a-poke". something I almost never recommend to those like my step-son-in-law who has an almost negative mechanical aptitude and intuition. If however you are the sort that can diagnose and  repair the typical problems that all used machines carry with them then go  for it--you wil likely save a bunch of money but remember to keep some of those savings reserved for when the machine does break--and it will, they all do, even new ones.

Until rather recently I had no involvement with ATVS, UTVs and the like; though I've ridden motorcycles since I was 13  (some 61 years ago). After-sale warranty  support on bikes is terrible, generally blank stares and long waits for "the factory" to respond. My impression of the ATV/UTV industry (largely through forums such as this, and online reviews, is that it (the ATV/RTV industry)  carries this to new lows.

So my bottomline advice to the OP is: 

  • Drive, and quite thoroughly listen to and inspect, that 2012 RZR. If you do not feel comfortable in assessing it's condition then find someone who does and bring them with you. Listening to it is vital--all machines will tell you when something isn't right but you need to be listening. My grandfather (The Scot Steam Engineer) always defined mechanical aptitude  as the "...ability to listen to a machine that you have never seen or heard before and determine if it is operating properly."
  • Be extremely critical of any shortcomings or perceived issues--no matter how trivial. Use them as negotiating terms to get the best price.
  • Remember at all times that  "The last time any machine starts and runs properly may well have been THE last time it will start and run properly." (again my grandfather's words)--this holds true for ANY machine, new or used.


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    • By Dan_Lockwood
      Sorry for the novel...
      I'm new to the forum and new to the side-by-side world. This is my first post.  A bit of background about me.  My dad was a mechanic all his life and he taught me what I was willing to learn at the time.  In the mid 60's we had a marina on a small lake in Mid-Michigan area that also service many surrounding lakes.  I was the mechanic.  We sold Polaris, Johnson and Arctic Cat snowmobiles along with Johnon and Mercury outboards, boats and pontoon boats.  We also sold Bridgestone motorcycles very early on.  While going to college I raced on the Ski Doo Michigan Distributor's race team out of Clare MI.  That was the first year for the factory race sleds, the Blizzards!  Anything with a motor and or wheels, I'm all ears and eyes.  I retired as a design engineer for the an O.E.M. making plastic production equipment.  Also served a stint as a Chevy/Pontiac service manager back in the 70's and 80's.  Oh, I retired the end of '19.  We had moved from MI to MO for my work and after 20 years there and retiring, we moved back to Mid-Michigan.  Nuff said I believe.  
      I just purchased a 2021 Coleman UT400 that has 320 hrs. and 1420 miles.
      I have multiple questions/issues.
      1.  The wet clutch appears to be toast.  It will rev up high and just barely move.  Got one ordered, complete kit.  Shouldn't be a big job.
      2.  This UT400 has a bad smoking habit and it think it's bad for its health...   It not only smokes on startup but continues to smoke until it's shut off.  I brought it home in my 22' enclosed car trailer yesterday and by the time we shoved and drove it into the trailer, the smoke was SOOOOO BAD, that we could hardly see out the back of the trailer.  Valve seals usually stop smoking after it starts up and all the residual oil has been burnt up.  Rings on the other hand seem to smoke the entire time the motor is running.  I've read that some of the Hisun motors have had suspect oil rings.  If this thing is smoking that badly from rings, I have no idea what the bore is like until it comes apart.  For the money, I'd rather have a complete cylinder/piston replacement kit and just be done with it.  Also put in new valve seals at the same time. 
      Thoughts?  I can't think of anything other than the two items mentioned above that could cause this.  It's not like in the old days with a PCV sticking and sucking oil up from the valve cover area and feeding it back into the intake to be burned.  I think that with the above swapping of parts, that "should" take care of my smoking motor...
      Just how is the oil level checked, dip stick screwed in or just stuck in the hole without screwing it in?
      I also cannot believe that in these days of engineering marvels, that a company, or many companies, would design a motor with a wet clutch using the same lubrication system as the motor.  Trans I can see, not much wear particles from the trans.  But with all the junk flying off the clutch shoes and then recirculating into the lubrication system, hopefully the filter will strain the big chunks out prior to being pressurized and forced back into the bearings and cylinder area.  Just doesn't make good engineering sense to me.
      3.  I see no issues setting the toe-in, but these little guys do not, from what I can find, any way to adjust camber or caster in anyway.  I'm guessing some of the larger more expensive side-by-sides have the lower A arms with threaded ends at the frame to turn to adjust the camber/caster.  I may elect to take my lower control arms off and cut the ends off and weld in adjustment bungs and rod ends to replace the stock units.  Am I missing something on the available suspension adjustments or lack there of???  Right now the right front tire is really tipped in at the top compared to the left side, also has a large amount of toe-out.  The toe-out will not be an issue to correct.
      4.  How do you change the clock from 24 hour to 12 hour?
      I'm sure I'll have more questions as I get deeper into my new toy.
      Also, it came with a 60" plow and I hope to use this to keep my quite large driveway clear this winter.  I do have the luxury to do multiple plows during a storm to keep the level of snow down a bit.  Yes, I know, I should have bought a larger rig, but with the issues this has, I got it at a very good price.
      Thoughts and suggestions appreciated.
      Thanks, Dan
    • By dKurmudgeon
      I recently acquired a Polaris Northstar Ranger XP, and would like some snow plow advice.  Will after market plows fit and function on my Ranger , or must I purchase from the Polaris dealer directly? 

    • By Rey Ximenes
      OK, here's the mystery of the day. I was using the UTV the other day and the idiot light came on that said it was overheating. I immediately shut down and checked the coolant. No coolant! I refilled the overflow reservoir and the radiator and all was fine. 2 days later the light is on again. I rechecked the radiator and it was again empty? Bone dry? Now, here's the weird part, There is no coolant anywhere on the floor below the vehicle. I can't even see any on the frame. I have it up on the lift and am getting ready to start tearing into the bottom "skid plate" to see if the leak is in the hoses there. Any suggestions as to where to start? I have yet to begin and I am already baffled!
    • By Bryan g
      We see a lot of the UT400 with shift problems, not going into gear, popping out of gear, grinding etc. There  is a bulletin Im sure everyone has saw about adjusting shift cable.  That dont always fix it.  I went round n round with coleman  on couple units. We are a Coleman warranty repair center"AFS Small Engine Repair "   I told them shift lever does not have enough travel .  No amount of cable adjustment  will increase travel . I  extended lever with piece on flat  iron by 3/4 of inch .  This gave shifter enough travel to properly engage into gear completely .  Last couple units to come in for this Coleman sent me a modified shift lever, with longer travel . Problem solved! Also , heads up if you get any new unit ,,,go over and check it out,  grease  all zerks, check air filter for being in backwards, check wiring harnesses for rubbing on rotating parts,  brake hose  routing , make sure not touching exhaust .  These are just  few of the more common failures I see .
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    • By Joe Breaux
      about to pull the trigger on a CF Moto  ATV.. everyone seems to like theirs, good reviews .. anyone want to warn me of issues with them ?   I like  my Hondas but the prices have gone nuts and availability is a joke.. This seems like a good deal 
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