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Hinged Hoods


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Here's what I have so far, still need to do the rod for holding it up, plan to try a tube hooked at the molded dent, center rear of the hood, notch the metal support for the center of hood so the tube slides through when down, when the hood is up, the tube rests on the support bar. If this is clear, later photos will clear it up. Haven't decided what to do with all my bolt holes or how to tie the hood down yet.

2660662290104110397jSWobq_th.jpg 2516242680104110397JvdNSg_th.jpg

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Looks good. I see that you have your priorites right. That added storage should hold about 7 or 8 cases of beer.


I doubt I could keep beer up there, 1, probably not strong enough and I could lose my beer, 2, It would not keep it cold, 3, not nearly handy enough, I'd have to stop to get me a beer, 4, my wife won't let me buy beer, 5, it probably wouldn't work for sody water either! :P . I'll probably store blankets, hammock, coats, clothes, medical stuff and while I'm riding, I'll probably put my Spot up there so it has a good view of the sky. I plan on setting my spot to track mode when I go out. My next step for up there is to put a barrier up there to keep the dirt and dust from coming into the cab via all the holes around the brake cylinders and locker handles and build a lid for that box to keep things in there clean. In front of the shock mount bar, I plan to make a mount for my jack, presently in the white box behind the cab.

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I think I'm almost done with my hood hinge setup, just need to figure out the hold down method I want to use.

I got the lid on the storage box, and mounted the hood rod.2246886460104110397zrZeJd_th.jpg The foam blocks hold the hood rod in place and keep the lid on the box closed, and also acts as a handle to open the lid on the box.


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