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What shock brand names are OK

Guest Lenny

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I'm having trouble finding fox 2.0 8.5 coilover shocks used. I've also looked for King shocks with no luck. Not knowing shocks, these are the only 2 brands I feel good about. I know there are others. I'd like to here from those in the know what other brands I could be looking for. I'm especially interested in flatbed's advise and would be greatful if he would be so kind as to share a bit of his extensive knowledge of suspension. I've learned a lot from flatbed but my suspension still doesn't match his. I am however getting to see how different setups change how the suspension feels. See, I enjoy working on my Trooper as much as riding it. It's just fun.

Thanks to all


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Lenny my local 4wd spare parts shop sell a brand called F-O-A and he rates them very highly. I told flatbed about them. One of the x-designers for King Shocks started the company and held back some of his good ideas for F-O-A apparently. If you can't find info over there the NZ website is:

http://www.4wdbits.co.nz/default.aspx?Cate...amp;selection=0 & click on Shocks...

Cheers Mike



Good info, thanks Mike, Jeff

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Keep looking, you will find deals with this economy. The shaft size does not need to be bigger than 5/8 and the 2.0 is big enough. I would not get anything longer than the 8.5, with the shock angle in the rear that is still alittle to long. You really want to have 2 springs per shock. The 8.5 in the front is the way to go, made more of a difference than the back. This last weekend i used about 7" of the front shock and 5" on the rear, the rear was getting into the 600 to quick.The trooper did drop about 1" in height after the weekend. Make sure they are rebuildable and you can get parts.

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I'm working on the front now. I don't feel I can further advance the back until I do the front. In the back I'm using the remade stock shocks for now. They are doing pretty good but I think I need a little more rebound dampening. They are hugely better then the stock setup was and I'm getting aprox. 14-1/2 of travel. Part of my problem is that I only kinda know what It should feel like. My guess would be that if I were to ride yours, I would say, oh ya, now I see the difference. Then I would better know how to proceed. I've sorta been going back and forth trying different things and slowly finding what feels better, what I did to make it feel better and why it does. It's been fun and being retired (or am I just tired, not sure which) I find it real relaxing and fulfilling. It's nice to not have time be an issue.

Thanks again


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Lenny, are you using stock springs, or did you find others One or two springs in the front. the stock spring is a single dual rate spring, it wound different on the bottom than the top. If you fell like you are getting thrown the shock is not stiff enough on rebound, If you are felling the small bumps driving into them your compresion is too stiff for the spring or the spring is to stiff. In my case on the back the tender is too soft letting it get into the 600 to soon which the shock is not stiff enough to hold on rebound so the car bucks, not bad but it does. Stiffen the tender and rebound to slow everything down to absorb some of the energy. Try to keep your nitrogen at around 200 psi.

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I have 350s x 8 over 500s x 12 on the rear. My shocks have about 9-1/2" of stroke so my geo is a little different then yours but I have multiple holes so I can play around. I'm using about 9-1/4" of that stroke. I will also use two springs on the front. I beleive your using 200s x 8 over 400s x 10 on the front. Are you satisfed with those rates. I like your susgestion of having a plusher ride for the 3 or 5" of normal driving while still being able to run the rough stuff just fine when it's time.


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i have 300 over 400 in the front, i am going to try 350 over 400, 200's are going to be to soft in the front. The 300's are working fine but i think 350's over 400 will be better. My 600's on the rear are 10" with the 8" 350's. I am going to go to 8" 450's because the back is transfering weight to easy. when turning you can fell it drop to the 600's. The trooper axle weights also reflect this.

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