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New Joyner Renegade R2 air filter

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I'll give them a try.  The air filter that came with it is something I have never seen before.   Does not look like a typical air filter.  I don't understand why the renegade and trooper don't take the same filter

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My trooper square filter cross references to these…sorry it’s not helpful for you, but I’ll post it from my notes.

2009 trooper T4 air filter

Sii-1109111. IGG.
7.5" x 8"
Fram ca1047. ?ca-7764
Purolator... A35779
Wix 49070

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    • By Mike_Metzger
      So I picked up this Renegade for $4500. Seemed to run awesome. Got it home and was doing some laps with my son when I noticed it was losing power and sputtering at 2,000 rpm's. Almost like its hitting the rev limiter (I know its not, but for sake of diagnosing that's what it sounds like)  Stopped driving, came back after it had been sitting for awhile, and it ran awesome again. Issue pops up after driving for 5mins or so and engine is up to temp. Machine has 1,100 miles on it
      Looks like the old owner may have been chasing this issue as well. 
      -New spark plugs
      -New thermostat
      -New Fuel Pump
      -New Fuel Filter
      -Temp sensor.... Not sure what else... 

      Any advice for chasing this down........? 


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      Not sure if this has been discussed before but here it goes; 
      If i lower a utv and put some more grippy/less of roading tires, can it handle like a go kart? Especially the 4-seater ones?
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      Hey all, 
      Looking to possibly purchase a 2008 Renegade 4 seater, 11000 miles.  asking $5,000 I know nothing about these machines, they seem pretty decent. Hard to find any info on them even on youtube. Anyone had any advice, or things to look at before buying? Thanks in advance! 

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      It has 10 miles on it.  I bought it 1 month ago from Joyner but it is to big for riding in the woods which is what I bought  it for.  
      All fluids have been changed.  Tires have been filled with Flatout.  Has overhead gun rack.  Also has a factory roof.
      It had 5.9 miles on it when it was delivered to me.   Nothing wrong with it.  Looks brand new
      Arkansas   501-909-2513   I have $11,000 in it.  I'll take that for it.

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