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Power Steering


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Been thinking about Power Steering, what if you were to remove the current gear box and replace with 1 or 2 linear actuators and replace the steering wheel with a joystick? Would that be too weird?

Maybe mount something on the steering shaft to activate a switch to drive the actuators.

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Not for me. I want/need a steering wheel. There are electric units on some of the ATV now and a friend of mine who has a V8 powered sandrail which has a slick fluid unit. Also at one time I had heard Joyner was going to offer an electric unit as an option on the Trooper. I think the electric unit is the best option as we have a full fledged alternator system on the Trooper, no electric power shortage.

rocmoc n AZ/Mexico

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I did a bit of research on electric steering units a year ago after somebody wanted one fitted to their UTV & found that Unisteer Performance Products with their universal electric steering kit was the one to go for. The enquiry I made was for a Commando 4 seater so you will have to send in a few measurements. The direct link is:


Pretty pricey though, but just like electric fans they don't steel power from the engine.

Cheers Mike.

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