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Light bar not working on Hisun Sector E1


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The E1 has a small 12v battery to run the instruments, lights etc. You can't connect a light bar to the Discover Dry Cell batteries. Individually, they are 6 volts, but there's eight of them in series to make 48 volts that runs the motor. In the battery compartment under the seat, you'll see the dry cell batteries, but also a smaller ATV-type 12v battery directly underneath where you sit to drive. There's a fuse and relay box down there too. I'd recommend not fiddling around in there unless you're absolutely sure what you're doing, as the 48v system could cause you a nasty injury if you short it by mistake.

On the UK version, there's a 12v accessory point in the dash along with all the control buttons. There's also a 12v supply to the registration plate light on the underside of the tilting load bed. Either of those should be safe to tap into for a light bar, and are only live when the ignition is on.

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Never take a 12v tap off the main traction pack. However tempting that may be. If you tap off from a single battery (or two on the Hisuns 6v batteries) that 12v battery (6v batteries) will end up at a lower state of charge than the rest of the pack. This will then impact on the way the vehicle drives , as that lower voltage battery (ies) will reduce the overall performance. Unless you then do significant over charging (All batteries will then get hot) they will never get re balanced again.  And excessive overcharging will cause damage to all the traction pack batteries. Anything attached to the 12v battery or accessory should have its own fuse. As a guide dont put anything on that pulls more than 10a without talking to the dealer as how best to do that.  Especially if the vehicle is still under warranty.

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