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Seized engine...only 188 hours.


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I mostly use my Prowler for gathering firewood and keeping my 2km driveway plowed. This year we have had much more snow than usual, so have been needing to work the machine for longer periods, but always with some care and caution so as to avoid damaging anything.

However, on Sunday it stopped suddenly in the middle of a plowing run. Today I learned that the oil had cooked and burnt out the main crank shaft bearings. Apparently the snow had clogged both the coolant and oil radiators and it had been running and overheating. At least that is the only thing that we can think of to have caused the problem. It only has 188 hours on it and the oil was fine when I checked it a few days earlier.

Three questions:

1. Has anyone else heard of such a thing happening? (I live in the Yukon and it was about -15F on Sunday.)

2. The dealer is estimating $4000 for repairs (about 50/50 labour and parts). Does anyone have any suggestions for how this might be reduced?

3. Do you think Arctic Cat might be willing to help? I have to say that I am thoroughly disillusioned with the Prowler. I told the dealer what I needed it to do before I purchased it (Sept 07) and was assured that plowing a 2km driveway would not present a problem. Now he is saying that I am using it in a way that is quite demanding and I should not be surprised that it is not up to the challenge.

Thanks for any advice and recommendations!

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Seems like you could buy a complete new engine for less the $4,000. I would look at a replacement rather than a rebuild. I would shop around on the internet for a complete engine. You can buy a Chevy Crate race engine for nearly $4000. $4000 I can buy a modified Yamaha race engine for my race car.

Even tho is was as cold as it was, if the rad & cooler are plugged you could burn it up.

I sure would try Factory Rep to see if they would help. Nothing to lose!

Good luck!

rocmoc n AZ/Mexico

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Thanks, Rocmoc. I have a call into Arctic Cat and expect to hear from a customer rep within a few days. In the meantime the Prowler waits for my decision at the dealership. I have concluded that my plowing needs are beyond its design parameters and will be putting it up for sale once I have figured out the best way to sort out the engine issues. (New engine, rebuild, or ...)

It is a fun machine, to be sure, and performs brilliantly in the bush. But no way I can push lots and lots of snow and still keep the rads clear. Hope it can find a good home with someone whose needs are more modest.

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I had a look on e-bay for second hand engines for you and a couple of other sites with no luck at all. Keep the pressure up with Arctic Cat even if there is some compromise such as replacing and rebuilding at cost. If you are thinking of selling after this issue is sorted, a second hand engine could be the cheapest option so keep an eye out for one. 4k just seems too much. I feel for you and hope it works out all good, as I'm sure it will.

Cheers Mike.

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A Good News update! Today I heard from Arctic Cat factory rep and they have, as a good will gesture, agreed to cover the cost of all the parts. This is a wonderfully generous response on their part and speaks volumes about AC's commitment to customer service. I am a thoroughly satisfied and very grateful customer!

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