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Coleman/Hisun 550


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More issues with the 2019 Coleman 550. It stopped running again. Long story/short, I checked valves, injector (replaced) plug (replaced 2x with new NGK)  checked fuel flow , it eventually started. Ran great for a while, 10 minutes or so. Then it started the spitting and sputtering and not wanting to rev up. When first started it would rev freely (no load) to 6-7K, which was as high as I felt comfortable. Wouldn't go past 4500-5k under load on the road. It gets going and then it cuts out. The drivers seat belt is buckled. The previous time I still had it under warranty, I eventually got it to a shop that removed the in-line fuel filter that had been added and then it ran good. My thought is that the fuel pump may be weak. The other possibility that occurs to me is the cut out/retarder for the seatbelt is malfunctioning.

I purchased a CD of the shop manual, but it appears to be for an older model with a carb and not the EFI.

Open to hearing thoughts and opinions and which way to proceed. I'm planning on replacing fuel pump and fuel line and getting a (hopefully) better quality injector. I would appreciate any sources (Motorcycle Dr???) for better quality components.

I have also been told by a person claiming to be a Hisun tech in a southwestern state that the way to "set" the machines CPU/Brain/whatever you call it, is to hold the gas pedal to floor let it get to it's highest RPM and then shut off ignition. I'm assuming one does this ASAP. Does this sound even remotely correct? I picture a blown engine myself, but I'm an old guy, so...

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An update- I pulled the box off so I could access stuff. Checked the valves, both appeared to be at the recommended clearance, forget what that was. Then pulled the injector and checked for fuel spray, got it. Then pulled injector off the fuel line and checked the flow, got lotsa gas fast, no idea on fuel pressure though. Checked spark again and with another new plug- good blue spark. I tried giving it a sniff of ether through the injector hole and she fired. did that a couple times and she certainly seemed to want to run. So I put everything back and gave it a try. She spun and spun and suddenly sounded like she wanted to start, so I kept going and it did! I ran it around for 15-20 minutes and got her well warmed up. I still had that thing where it would get to about 5 or 5500 rpm unload and it would die. It would run up to the 6-7K area with no load (in neutral). I was thinking the fuel pump may be weak or the filter on the pump might be clogged a bit. Got looking around and found "The Motorcycle Doctor"s website. There I found the instructions on how to reset the ECU and injection system. That was "Clean the O2 sensor first and then warm it up good, run the engine up to full throttle for 5 seconds and shut it off at full throttle, wait 15 seconds and restart and drive it around at varying speeds and loads"  according to the instructions.  I did that and after some spitting and sputtering I was able to run down the road in excess of 40 mph at about 6500 rpm, which I haven't been able to do since it was new! I still get the bogging, like it's either triggering the retarder in the seatbelt system or maybe running out of fuel. I still wonder about the fuel pump. I don't the gauge and fittings to check it.


At this point I'm further ahead than I have been for some time. I'll update as I work on it.

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      I have a 2019 550  Coleman side by side and it is starting to be hard to crank in the mornings but when it's warmed up it runs fine it's changed plugs filters for the inline gas filter in checkers temperature sensors map sensors and don't know what it could be any help would be appreciated
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      2019 Kawasaki Teryx 4 LE KRT800GKF On Ebay

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      Hello all.  I'm new to the forum and have read all the posts I could find concerning the 550 Mule, so far no one with my problem. So, I'll give it a go and hopefully get an answer.
      I got this mule about three years ago, had to do some minor repairs, and it's been a great machine. Last fall, I noticed an oil leak coming from the left side around the crankcase cover.  I was able to slow the leak considerably, but it still leaked.  I never had the time to tear it down due to work. I retire in March of this year and decided to fix it with a new cover gasket. I ordered a new gasket and crankshaft seal and while waiting for them to arrive, I began the tear down and cleaning of the mating surfaces.  Got the seal and gasket installed and the cover back on and torqued. Decided to crank it up and let it idle a bit to check for any oil leaks before I put the converters back on. Fired right up, let it idle for about 10 minutes, no leaks. I'm happy at this point...
      Next day, installed the inside converter cover, new belt and converters, not the outside cover though. I wanted to see how the new belt was going to work out. I still had the rear end jacked up so it wouldn't move.  Guess what, it wouldn't start up. Cranked over like always, just wouldn't start... Now I'm bummed. So I start checking gas, spark and everything is good. Even tried a squirt of starting fluid, and it did fire a couple of times but no start. Now I'm even more bummed. Time for a break.
      Now I've worked on everything from small engines to tractors and have never had this problem.  After a little thought I decided to run a compression test. The repair manual lists 115 - 178 psi as the correct range, I had 30 psi!!!!! What in the world happened over night. I did spray a light oil into the cylinder and it came up to about 60 psi but that was all I could get. I checked the valve clearances, their good.
      Sorry for the long post, but I hope someone can point me in the right direction cause I really like this little machine.
      Thanks for your help,
    • By Xov
      Just received delivery of a 2024 AMP Pro.  Thought I'd start a thread with my impressions as I use it and learn more.  There doesn't seem to be a whole lot of real-world usage information out there on this model.  Hope this will help others as they research.
      Intended Use Cases
      Fire mitigation / slash removal from a 5 acre forested and well-gamble-oaked property.  The previous owners thought as much about fire mitigation as I do about fashion: not much. Snow removal Stump pulling General hauling (rock, lumber, etc.) Weimaraner energy depletion.  Wasn't an original use case, but a nice added bonus.  Experiences So Far
      Wasn't impressed that two of the bumpers on the underside of the bed where it sits upon the frame were missing.  The metal on metal contact has damaged the powder coating and the frame.  I expect a little better QC.
      I've only put a few hours on it, so not a ton to report on usage.  It isn't quiet; it's silent.  I can't even detect an electric note from the motor. I removed (and subsequently replaced) the motor cover noticed that the motor is German and made by Schambuller.  The motor controller is Italian and made by Dana TM4.  Given the operating specs of both I found on the web, I suspect both are higher quality than the previous Navitas (which is supposed to be decent).  The motor is rated at 25 hp and 71.5 lb-ft of torque.  It feels very powerful.  All the torque is delivered instantly, if desired.
      The bed is huge and has an electric dump as standard.  Great feature but would like it to go up a bit more.  Probably not feasible from an engineering perspective, but I want and I need ;).
      Power steering is nice, but vague.  Probably common to many UTVs, but I am accustomed to more direct results from input.  Plan early and plan often.
      In our first full day of usage, we hauled about 1/2 as much slash as the entire rest of the year when I was doing it by hand cart.  I may get fatter, but I'll also get more done.  After a few days of usage, the battery meter has gone down by 1/10th. 
      Until next time...

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    • By Bob Marshall
      I know this topic has come up many times before but I see nothing that duplicates my issue. I replaced the wet clutch and after reinstalling the primary things changed. i had to realign the weights in the clutch because they came out of the slot. Now I have a knocking in the clutch that I cant find the source .  I know the one way bearing is correct - spins clockwise and turns the crank if turned CCW. I have included the YT link. The primary is engage enough at idle that I cant put in gear while its running. Idling  @ 1300 rpm. Tried new belt and old belt with no improvement. I am not sure the primary should be turning at idle which points to the wet clutch? I started the engin with the primary off and no knocking occurred 
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