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    • By Alex
      We've just updated our community to the latest software that runs this website and have tried to get it pretty close to where it was before in terms of colors and such. There are many new features and updates which I won't list out but encourage you to browse through the site, upload some photos and post some new topics.
      When you have an image you want to put into a post, just paste the url...same as a video, and you should see it auto embed. You can also mention people like you do on Twitter by using @membername.
      We've also got a new leaderboard in the main menu and maps will be back shortly, after we reinstall it. The gallery is redesigned as well.
      Tapatalk is updated and the mobile version of this site is a responsive view of the full site.
      Please post any issues or use the contact link in the footer. 
    • By rocmoc
      Here is a list of Trooper parts I will bring to the Jamboree for sale. We will arrive around Noon Saturday and stick around until two hours before dark.
      (Shipping is EXTRA if not purchased at Jamboree)
      NEW Complete set of intake gaskets (two gaskets) - $30
      NEW Exhaust manifold gasket - $20
      NEW Two brake master cylinders - $35 each or $60 for two
      GONE!!! NEW One rotor - $40
      NEW Complete set of transmission stifter cables (one red & one black) - $90
      NEW Starter - $110
      NEW Two caliper mounts - $20
      NEW Two of Lenny's diff upgrade kits - $90 each
      NEW Rear hub seal - $10
      NEW 4X4 electronic engager unit - $150
      2 sets of very good condition brake pads (4 pads) - $25
      4 old style caliper mounts, could be used to do a brake mod - $10
      2 front diff 4x4 slide engaging units, bolts on front of diff between diff, driveline & 4X4 engaging unit - $45 each
      1 left side front diff cover - $25
      1 old style rear u-joint driveline - FREE with a $50+ purchase, one freebe per person
      1 steering rod u-joint - FREE with a $50+ purchase, one freebe per person
      1 batch of various diff gears & bearings (no ring & pinion) - $40
      1 batch of various pieces of deck cover items - $10
      GONE!!! 1 Renagade ring & pinion (check with me at the campground, maybe already taken but you never know) - $150
      1 Clutch in very good condition - $30
      rocmoc n AZ/Mexico
    • By Kinarfi
      Just went through the parts and pieces and information post and did some updating, put known dealers at the top, gave the all a call so the numbers work. Thin Air Powersports told me he had some info for about some outfit the deals with chery engines and may be another source of parts, said he'd get back to me when he gets the information.
    • By utvman
      Added a bunch of photos from the Sand Sports Super Show!  Check em out!
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    • By utvman
      Check it out!
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