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Massimo Buck 450 How do you access the dash rocker switch panel ?

Bill Hughes
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1 hour ago, TapBoss said:

Checked my 550 manual but found nothing about adding switches to that area. 

There's nothing in the manuals. I don't see any access from inside the cab, Hate to think you have to try to do this form under the vehicle. The 450 has no access from the battery compartment that I can see like some UTVs do.  

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36 minutes ago, TapBoss said:

Yea, sitting at work and can't think of any other way to do it either.  Can't remember, can you take anything off on the passenger side to gain access?

Not inside the cab, there's nothing removeable as far as I can see. I'll contact Massimo tech support and see what they say.  There are blank rocker switch covers and an Aux power port cover there. Surely there's a way without disassembling the entire UTV!


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Talked to Massimo Tech Support. They say you have to access the switch panel from backside by going under the vehicle. Doesn't sound easy or fun.  I'm going to keep looking. It's too cold outside to do much. I want to see what's behind the battery if I remove it.  And also if the top panel of the dash when the storage bins is removable by taking out the the kex cap screws.  Here's a photo of the switch panel and USB charge port I took from the passenger side wheel well.  Not a lot of room to work from that angle. Might be more accessible from underneath the vehicle. I can't really tell without a lift.

Buck 450 switch panel (2).jpg

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I got this from another Massimo owner.  Looks like there is no easy way. 

T-Boss 750, same problem. Pop the switch pop-outs out, tape your wiring to something stiff like a coat hanger wire and extend the wire thru the hole from the back. Connect to the switch then pop the switch into the hole from the front. If you have a common +12 or ground to each switch, prewire a mini "harness" to go between the switch holes. You may have to reach the harness leads with a hooked wire from the front and pull it through. If you can see it with your camera you can get a wire to it. I was able to get to mine from in holes in front of the firewall area.
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23 hours ago, TapBoss said:

Bill, I installed another usb/battery meter in the open spot in the bottom left of your pic this weekend.  Took the front tire off for more room and used a flexible grab tool I had on the bench to pull wiring up to the battery.

ANRANK Flexible Claw Grabber Pickup Tool Long Reach Curve Spring Grip Tool


Thanks , yes I wound up doing a similar process. There's no easy access, but the panel is reachable  by putting the front end up and removing the tire.  I added a voltmeter/charging port and a rear light bar switch. 

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I'm not sure on yours but for me on my 2017 MSU 500 adding this small LED Bar Rocker Switch was easy. I just felt where the dash is and did a estimate under the 4 wheel lock device and drilled a small hole then cut out the square for the switch. It worked perfect.  Looks like you have 6 blank squares. Maybe measure or drill a test hole?


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