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2017 Hisun 700 UTV Starting Problems

Shane Maples

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Help please! Had problems with my Hisun 700 not wanting to start.  Found that the fuel pump was not working. After doing some checking on the wiring to the fuel pump found that the ground was not working. Spliced a ground wire into the wiring harness and attached to the frame BAM fuel pump worked. UTV started and runs great. Since then have found that the 4x4 and rear differential lock is not working. Could all this be a problem with the relay panel or possible computer (or whatever it is called)? Relays are all saudered in so the whole panel will need to be replaced if so. I'm really stumped and don't want to replace more than what is needed. Thank you for any information

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im having similar issues did you ever figure out the problem???? the relay controls the ground (and turns the pump on/off) but the ECU controls the relay. I cannot find any information on the ecu or how to figure out if this is the problem


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A relay has one wire going to a battery that can pull large amps. Then it has a smaller wire that goes to usually a key switch or some other type of switch that pulls small amps positive wire. And a wire to a ground negative wire.

In the relay, when the small positive wire gets power. It complete the circuit along with the negative wire and forms a electrical magnet that pulls a bar. One side of the bar is connected to the big amp wire. The other side of the bar is going to a fuel pump or 4x4 acturactor or lights or.......whatever.  That would be the positive side of whatever device is being powered or activated. The other side of the device would still need a negative wire going to it. Either from the battery ground or frame ground. There should be a ground point or ring somewhere that has a lot of wires coming out.


If the switch that turns on say the lights or 4x4 acturactor supplied all the power needed by the device. It would be very big in order to handle the amps needed by the device. With a relay. A switch can be small. And use small amperage to activate the magnet in the relay. The relay handles the big amperage. 


Hope this helps explain a little about the relay.

Hope I didn't confuse you further.

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