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Hisun utv wont start no elec on dash

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2017 sector 550. This rig is new to me, second time using it went about 7 miles and when I turned it off it made a air escaping or winding noise and the electrical blinked then nothing. nothing. I do have a circuit probe and would love to be walked through troubleshooting thank you.

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I ordered a main relay fuse but it came with four wires instead of three. Haven't seen any of these with three wires like the original, but figure its like a replacement windsield wiper motor where you just have to figure it out and get a plug to match? Am I correct in that assessment?

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Ok so just to recap since yours isn't the original post:

You shut it off and it made an "air escaping or winding noise" and now it wont display anything or start correct? Lights don't work with the key on?

I'm trying to figure out what the noise might have been but blanking on anything.

Have you checked the battery voltage? Should be at least 11.8V.

From there I would open the fusebox (little black box with 4 screws holding the cover) check that all the fuses are getting the same as the batt voltage (check between the fuse terminal and the neg batt terminal). Then check that all fuses are intact and not blown.


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