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2015 MSU 500 - Oil problem has me stumped

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Just bought a used 2015 MSU 500.  I am in the process of replacing all the fluids and generally going over everything.  I pulled the outer plastic clutch cover off and oil started dripping out.  Oil was everywhere, a huge mess.  I thought for sure I had a bad seal on the clutch or secondary.  So I removed the clutch and secondary CVT so I could get a look at the seals and they both were dry as a bone.  The only two dry spots.  Now I  am stumped.  If oil did not get into the by way of the two shaft seals, how on earth could it have gotten in?  





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Have you checked out the vent that from the top of the crank case to the air box? Except that is on the left hand side I believe unless they changed it (we have a 2008 hisun 700 utv) but I heard that there used is an air/oil separator there and in our case it was missing/destroyed and that led to oil splashing everywhere. I just connected the two ends of the air tubes without that separator and it works fine. Also on our hisun under that fan cover there is a little timing window that unscrews so maybe that is missing in your case. Just ideas as I heard somewhere that hisun makes the engines for massimo. But it may be a different setup as your pics do not look too familiar to me 🙃

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Well I cleaned everything up and and replaced the wet clutch, outer clutch and belt.  I have been driving it around the neighborhood without the outer cover on so I could keep an eye on things and all seems to be good and dry.   I don't see how it could create the mess but one thing that was amiss was the oil filter wasn't even finger tight.

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