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2021 Hisun Vector 700 accessory switch

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I've got a 2020 HiSun Sector HS550 and I'd like to know the same thing.

There are 2 connectors in back under my tilt bed\box hanging by the shock absorber, one is gray and the other is black.

I suspect the accessory switch goes to these but I do not know for sure.
One connector has heavier wires than the other.

The connectors are Molex brand, MX150 series.
The black one is connector configuration A and the gray connector is key option B, part numbers 334812201 and 334812202, respectively.

I found the connectors listed on eBay as Harley.

I'll be waiting to hear what the accessory switch goes to or for an electrical diagram.
Meanwhile, I'm going to go see what powers these two plugs.

Mike H
Meridian, Idaho

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Unfortunately my HS400 doesn't have the switch.

There may be a wiring diagram in the back of the service manual, check the coleman/hisun sections of the download page. I know some of the manuals have them, and also list what model of connector is used on each plug.

Or option two is you can use your multimeter and find out and let us know so that future searchers can find the info. Check voltage at the wires with the switch of and on and see what you get.

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Thank you Sir!
My manual doesn't have the schematic, I've reached out to a couple of HiSun dealers online and will see what comes back.

Meanwhile, I'll use a VOM to check those plugs out.
I do have a couple of male plugs coming from eBay for those, I hate cutting perfectly good connectors off just to splice in aftermarket equipment.

Thank you @aefron88 for your suggestion!

On another note, I noticed that the output of the engine casing on the passenger side being the seat has a rubber boot on it which points at the CAT for cooling.

There is no cover on it and where I park this in the mountains, mice will get in there to nest so I'll be fitting a screen to it to keep those nasty critters out.
It looks like something belongs there but a snorkel would be useless since the intake to the fan is below the output.
Plus I think it's used for cooling the CAT.
Do you have the same thing on your machine?




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