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HiSun Axis 500 Break-In Service

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I was reading through the owner's manual that the initial break-in service was 50 miles.  Besides an Engine Oil and Oil Filter change, are any other other fluids (final drive, differential) scheduled for replacement for this initial break-in service?  Anyone got any maintenance schedules on how often to change the oil and fluids?

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It's probably worth replacing both front and rear axles. They don't take much fluid. I would also plan on checking various fasteners and going thru the full grease routine. My Coleman 400 (Hisun) came greased, albeit very lightly. If you haven't greased all the zerks they're definitely due. They also recommend the valve lash be checked at the first service. I've read several reports of tight-to-0 valve lash on new models off the factory floor.


Not sure on the 500, but the 550 service manual is available from the downloads section, and has a good table of service hours as well as detailed procedures for each service, including the more technical ones missing from the user manual. I believe all the various hisun models (aside from, the kids 250s) use the same service schedule, and have the same basic parts layouts.

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