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Oil filter disection


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I've been looking for a cross to a filter from a known manufacturer since I bought this machine. Both from a cost standpoint, and a known quality standpoint. The factory filters are just plain black with no markings. Due to price point on these machines I would assume that the factory filter would be made as.cheap as possible

I have not had any real luck finding a cross, so In doing my first oil change I decided to cut the factory filter and see what is inside.


I don't have a fancy oil filter cutting set up, so I just clamped it in the vise and went to town with my portaband. Excuse the rough cuts and metal shavings.20220721_105045.thumb.jpg.abcbee34d9e48418140541c4bee355b0.jpg

Looks like a good quality filter, plenty of pleats/surface area. Metal endcaps. Excuse the crushing, that's from the vise/strap wrench to remove it.


Relief valve


And a spring in the bottom of the can to keep the top silicone anti-drainback pressed in place.

Overall looks like a surprisingly good quality filter for a no name. At least we can know that using the factory filters on these should be acceptable. I feel better about paying $10 for this filter at least knowing it's good quality.

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