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Hisun Axis 700---- Bought new, how to register the warranty?

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I bought a new Axis 700 at Lowe's last Sunday, 7/24, and I didn't look through all my paperwork until the next day and there is no warranty info in the packet. I checked the Hisun site to see if you can register yourself and provide proof of purchase, etc., but they only have a form for Pre-Delivery & Customer Orientation Checklist which is to be filled out by the dealer and submitted to Hisun within ten days. I just called Lowe's and they're saying they automatically send it all in. How can I verify my warranty is registered with Hisun? I tried their phone number but of course right now it's after hours. I'll call again tomorrow but 10 days is pretty near.... I don't have any warranty claim yet but I just want to be sure it's registered.

Does anyone know a better way to check?


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Yup. Scanned in the receipt and called McKinney, TX. The gal said just go ahead and fill out the online form that dealers use and just fudge the fields where dealer info goes. She said all they really care about is the VIN and my info. I called back today and had them check to be sure it went in. She read my name and stuff back to me by looking up the VIN so I'm good to go.


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