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2014 Scout E2 Electric utv


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thanks for letting me join, I'm new to ev (utv) i noticed today oil underneath the motor and i was immediately confuse thinking electric utv don't use oil but after looking i noticed a black threaded cap with a black rubber cap on top of the motor. It appears oil was leaking or blowing out from that cap, it has a hole under the rubber peice for some reason. I'm lost as of what to do, how much oil goes in it? Why is it coming out of this cap? Its does have a Oring but it looks fine. Its a 2014 Scout E2. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks



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6 hours ago, EVSupport said:

Its a transmission breather cap. No idea what level of oil you need, but these will always be slightly oily especially in hot weather and longer run times. I would be more concerned if there was no oil.



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Any other leaks?  Its got a load of gears thrashing about in the oil, so as it gets hot it will breathe. Has it recently been filled with oil? Do you have a leak on the driveshafts?

If too much oil as it heats up and gets thrown around some will come out, if its too low and the oil is getting excessively hot and the air pressure builds as it gets hotter , you will get oil / vapour come out. You need to somehow find out where the filler plug is and check the oil level. The ranger has a sealed casing and just has one hole for a sensor on the side. I have never had to top up a ranger EV gearbox.


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