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  2. Kinarfi, A friend of mine is having the very same problems. He is digging deep into it as we speak so I will see what he comes up with. Now here awhile back I was having some of the same problems and its the darnest thing but I removed my battery box and rebuilt it to except a larger battery. After installing the battery box back in and ging to a heavy duty car battery my machine fires right up. It has never started without giving it a little gas since the day I bought it and now it fires right up even in the coldest of Wyoming temps. I would have never of guessed that my battery not having en
  3. I just wanted to take a moment and thank all of you who are members of this board. I am quit mechanicaly inclined but would be at a loss on my trooper at times. Everytime I have run into a problem and get totally frustrated there is always someone with a suggestion or answer and it makes me proud to be a Joyner owner and part of such an awsome group. Just had to be said. I cant imagine owning anything else. Thanks, Lance 08 Joyner Trooper
  4. Thanks fast Ed for the info. I am still finishing my house (trying to beat winter) but as soon as I get all caught up I will get in touch with you to discuss the problem in a little more detail. I have dealt with throttle bodys on trucks a little but am kind of in the dark on the part you described. I could use all the help I can get. Thanks again Lance
  5. Thanks guys for the ideas. I will give it a try. Its good to be back, I have been rebuilding my house all summer long and havn't had no time for anything else. No fun;-( Great to hear from you guys and I hope all is well.
  6. My 08 Trooper has had this starting problem since the day I purchased it new. My buddy bought an 08 Trooper the same day from the same dealer and also experienced the same problem. He turned up his idle but I felt it was a poor fix because its the same as giving it throttle. I tried upping the fuel psi, changed out fuel filters, and always let the fuel pump pressure up and sometimes turned the ignition on and off a few times to make sure it was pressured up. Nothing has ever worked. Now for problem #2 that I feel is part of problem #1 is if I ever kill the engine while lets say pushing snow wi
  7. I bet your right. I hope I dont have to break into anymore diffs. but if that ever happens I will investigate. It would be good to know so if anyone ever breaks some gears we would know if you could use the fronts on the rears and vice versa.
  8. Jeff its kind of funny because I have set up many of chevy differentials and one Toyota and there is no adjustment on the trooper differential. It is built so it can only go together one way and does not use a crush sleeve or have any shims to allow for back lash adjustment. I didnt put a mic on it but the back lash is not to far off by just feel and sound. I have never seen anything like it and figure that is the reason Joyner does not sell just the gears.
  9. Well I am back on the road again. YeHa!!! I was able to purchase a ring and pinion set from a dealer who had a T2 come in with a busted diff. housing. FYI, If anybody breaks there gears, unless you can find a used set from someone, you will have to purchase the complete differential form Joyner because they dont sell just the gears. ($900.00 +) Well happy holidays to all. Lance
  10. Yes, There is a Joyner dealer in Idhao that had a rear diff. housing somehow break but the gears are good. He called Joyner and had them do a breakdown cost on new comp. diff and he said that a new set of gears would run $350.00 so he offered me his used set for $200.00
  11. Rocmoc, The gear ratio for the differentials is: Ring Gear 32 teeth Pinion Gear 15 teeth Gear Ratio 2.13 I dont know what the trans ratio is.
  12. Flatbed, I have come real close with some of the ring gear and pinions used in different ATV's. The part thats killing me is the rear locker. I cant come up with anything that uses a rear locker witch is critical do to the way the ring gear bolts on. As far as going taller if I am not goofed up would actualy make for a weaker pinion gear do to the fact that the pinion would drop in the number of teeth. Not 100% on this but if my mind is not playing with me I belive that is the way it works. The other problem is I think with taller gears I would loose alot of bottom end torque. Whats your oppi
  13. Well here is my dilemma. I just blew my rear differential out of my T2. The problem I have is Joyner wants me to go through my dealer to determine if I can get a replacement under warranty even though I have had the machine for + or - 8 months. This is all great but what about down the road if I blow another and cant get it warrantied. Joyner does not sell just the gear set (Ring and Pinion) you have to buy the whole differential complete for over $900.00(US). Ok so this is where I am coming from. I had burned up my 4X4 electronic selector months ago and when I tore it apart to repair it I ha

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