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  1. I bought a MOAB heater from summit mounted it under front hood and ran heater hose through the driveline tunnel. Then I used the duct kit to blow heat in my lap. Works great even with out doors, except coming out of hills . The engine cools off a lot and doesnt keep me real. Need themostat on main fan.
  2. I got mine April 2009 and just rolled over 3000km last week. Installed Moab heater and duct kit so the cold doesnt slow me down much.
  3. Next time try using your 5' stake angled away from you. Leave about a foot of the stake out of the ground put your winch cable near the ground and tie an additional rope from the top of your stake to another stake or bush directly behind it. In really loose ground do this with a series of three stakes. You will be amazed at how well this will work even in snow or mud. The additional stake(s) will also prevent a sudden release if you do pull it out.
  4. Has any one installed one of these heavier clutches? I have had my clutch hot enough that it quit hooking up until I let it cool off. I play in the rocks to much and have to ride the clutch alot.
  5. I installed a "Summit Racing SUM-991102" under the front of my trooper and used the duct kit to pipe it in. even without a cab it keeps me pretty warm at slower speeds with the windshield. I was a little concerned about coolant flow coming from the front of the head only but my worries have been put to rest so far. I am looking at having to tear down the motor this summer anyway after the air cleaner incident so I figured it would be a good time to gamble. Only problem I have is coming out of the hills doesn't work the engine hard enough to keep it warm. Drive faster I guess??
  6. Got any more of these kits. My front end was grinding a little so I might as well upgrade if I am going to open it up.
  7. Got any more of these kits. My front end was grinding a little so I might as well upgrade if I am going to open it up.
  8. I had oiled my stock filter but it still broke through. I didn't have the prefilter on because it blew away while trailering it. Looks like the base was siliconed together but it spins and is not sealed. Motor is burning a little oil now so K&N filter would have been real cheap in comparision. Still waiting for time to tear into it to see how bad it is and if I have lost compression. At the very least get the filter up out of the dirt. Ace hardware should have everything you need for under $20.
  9. Your right, just got back from an elk hunt and dusted my engine badly but it seems to be running ok now that things are cleaned up. First indication was it quit wanting to run at idle. If I would have stayed home one more day I could have read the reply from the list of issues I have had. I changed plugs and oil and cleaned the intake system. I had a K&N filter with me but pulled it off because it got plugged up and I didnt have the oil with me. thought the stock cleaner was good enough for a backup. Thanks, Thin Air Powersports, for the help and parts.

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