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  1. Just an update . As usual, I was overthinking the problem based on what I read on the internet . Finally got around to pulling the pass. seat and found a loose wire where it goes into the plug on the pump. Pushed the wire securely into the plug and that fixed the problem. A perfect example of the K.I.S.S principle.
  2. I've had my Massimo 500 for about a month. So far I'm really happy with it and until today haven't had any issues . When It was delivered, the fuel gauge had one bar so I put a couple of gallons in to get me going. Still showed one bar on gauge but I figured not enough to register. Today I thought that I'd add a 5 gal can to top off. Well, I learned that the gauge wasn't working when, you guesssed it, the tank overflowed after a couple of gallons in. Still only one bar on gauge. I could probably figure this out by starting with the basics (checking wires , the sending unit , etc. ) but before I got a-rippin and a-tearin , I thought I might save some time and I'd check and see if anyone had already had this problem and what the fix was. This is a 2007 with the electronic dash. Everything else seems to work . Any help would be appreciated . Rich
  3. I spoke to Craig about this and he seems to know these motors. I am ordering the oil fill extender from them . I'll see how it goes. You can always drain it back down I guess.
  4. Try finding the splice (or splices ) in the system and take them apart and solder them instead of a crimp connector or whatever else that they used. Maybe voltage has to be in a specific range . Also , as a general rule , the type of problem that you are having (intermittant , problenm starts after heating up ) usually indicates a grounding problem. I don't know how the seaatbelt system is grounded, but worth a look .
  5. I found out the hard way that if the seat belt isn't buckled, the engine runs , but in "limp mode", which is sputtering and low power. so it makes sense that your problem is in the seat belt system. Did you check the passenger belt ? There must be some sort of weight sensor under the seat so that it engages the seat belt system. Maybe that's it. I know that you shouldn't , but I'm handicapped and find it difficult to fasten the belt , so I buckled it behind the seat . Works fine .
  6. I recently ordered some parts for my 2017 MSU 500 and when they came there was a brochure included that gave some hints for making Hisun motors run better . Most of them made sense but one suggestion was to raise the oil level by 3/4qt. (bottom of dip-stick threads) to improve wet shoe clutch wear . I'm not yet familiar with the power train on UTV's (but I'm a-larnin') but this goes against what I was always taught about overfilling oil levels. These guys seem to know their stuff (Motorcycle Doctor ) but I'm wondering if anyone has any input on this . BTW...They did have one good suggestion about blowing all of the old oil out of the oil cooler when doing an oil change. When doing an oil change on my cars, this is something that I've always done ( I was taught by an old school mech. MANY yr=ears ago) but is rarely ,if ever , done in a garage. You'd be surprised at the amt. of dirty oil that you avoid adding to your fresh oil. Just remember to recheck oil level after running the engine and top off the oil.
  7. Yesterday I was determined to get that seat out. After a lot of rocking and shaking , it finally came free . Turns out that the bolt that the seat locks onto was slightly bent. After careful and precise application (a couple of hard whacks ) of a finely calibrated adjustment tool ( ball peen hammer) the offending part moved into alignment. Problem sorted....
  8. Good to know that there is some already there . I ran into another problem though. I went to pull the seats and console to check the insulation and check the oil and cannot CANNOT get the drivers seat to come out. No matter how hard I pull on the lever it will not release ! There has to be something wrong underneath with the release . The only way that I can see to get to it is to remove the panel in front of the seat and hopefully get to the latch from there. Can't really do anything until I solve that problem. Anyone have any suggestions ?? I've tried spraying lube underneath but no help.
  9. rtate1050


  10. Thanks. I see that there are mixed reviews on this forum about the quality of these machines and about the company. I can only say that I bought this on Ebay and in dealing with Massimo they have been a pleasure to deal with . I had a couple of issues and they were taken care of immediately . Everyone that I have dealt with has been super helpful and nice people. I don't plan on subjecting it to very hard use so I think that I'll be OK. Time will tell.
  11. I read that on another post and I checked it and it seems to be OK. Thanks for the input. It doesn't seem to be as loud standing at the back with the engine reving. I think that sound deadening in the interior will help a lot , but we'll see .
  12. Hi to all . My name is Rich . I've recently purchased a MSU 500 from Massimo in Texas . So far I'm impressed with the overall quality of the machine . My only real issue so far is that this thing is extremely loud . You can't even carry on a conversation with a passenger without yelling which is annoying. My first plan is to add some Dynamat to the underside of the engine cover and the seats. I would appreciate it if anyone has this problem and any solutions . Is there anything in the aftermarket for the exhaust system ? Other than that I'm pretty happy with it so far. Rich
  13. Hi eveyone. My name is Rich and I'm in central Florida. I just got a Massimo MSU 500 which I'm primarily using for work on my property although I will probably be persuaded to do an occasional trip. I'm not new to motorsports but new to side by sides and off roading . I hope to speak with some of you and hopefully get some guidance on working on my ride. Rich

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