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  1. I was going to do the same thing to mine but found an item on ebay that does the job much easier and cheaper. The item I found plugs into a 12v outlet and has 2 USB ports and also shows voltage . Works great and easy install. I think that it was @ $8.00.
  2. For the windshield, how about covering it with the heavy duty vinyl that they use for hurricane protection. I think they sell it at lowes .
  3. Just an update . As usual, I was overthinking the problem based on what I read on the internet . Finally got around to pulling the pass. seat and found a loose wire where it goes into the plug on the pump. Pushed the wire securely into the plug and that fixed the problem. A perfect example of the K.I.S.S principle.
  4. I've had my Massimo 500 for about a month. So far I'm really happy with it and until today haven't had any issues . When It was delivered, the fuel gauge had one bar so I put a couple of gallons in to get me going. Still showed one bar on gauge but I figured not enough to register. Today I thought that I'd add a 5 gal can to top off. Well, I learned that the gauge wasn't working when, you guesssed it, the tank overflowed after a couple of gallons in. Still only one bar on gauge. I could probably figure this out by starting with the basics (checking wires , the sending unit , etc. ) but be
  5. I spoke to Craig about this and he seems to know these motors. I am ordering the oil fill extender from them . I'll see how it goes. You can always drain it back down I guess.
  6. Try finding the splice (or splices ) in the system and take them apart and solder them instead of a crimp connector or whatever else that they used. Maybe voltage has to be in a specific range . Also , as a general rule , the type of problem that you are having (intermittant , problenm starts after heating up ) usually indicates a grounding problem. I don't know how the seaatbelt system is grounded, but worth a look .
  7. I found out the hard way that if the seat belt isn't buckled, the engine runs , but in "limp mode", which is sputtering and low power. so it makes sense that your problem is in the seat belt system. Did you check the passenger belt ? There must be some sort of weight sensor under the seat so that it engages the seat belt system. Maybe that's it. I know that you shouldn't , but I'm handicapped and find it difficult to fasten the belt , so I buckled it behind the seat . Works fine .
  8. I recently ordered some parts for my 2017 MSU 500 and when they came there was a brochure included that gave some hints for making Hisun motors run better . Most of them made sense but one suggestion was to raise the oil level by 3/4qt. (bottom of dip-stick threads) to improve wet shoe clutch wear . I'm not yet familiar with the power train on UTV's (but I'm a-larnin') but this goes against what I was always taught about overfilling oil levels. These guys seem to know their stuff (Motorcycle Doctor ) but I'm wondering if anyone has any input on this . BTW...They did have one good suggesti
  9. Yesterday I was determined to get that seat out. After a lot of rocking and shaking , it finally came free . Turns out that the bolt that the seat locks onto was slightly bent. After careful and precise application (a couple of hard whacks ) of a finely calibrated adjustment tool ( ball peen hammer) the offending part moved into alignment. Problem sorted....
  10. Good to know that there is some already there . I ran into another problem though. I went to pull the seats and console to check the insulation and check the oil and cannot CANNOT get the drivers seat to come out. No matter how hard I pull on the lever it will not release ! There has to be something wrong underneath with the release . The only way that I can see to get to it is to remove the panel in front of the seat and hopefully get to the latch from there. Can't really do anything until I solve that problem. Anyone have any suggestions ?? I've tried spraying lube underneath
  11. rtate1050


  12. Thanks. I see that there are mixed reviews on this forum about the quality of these machines and about the company. I can only say that I bought this on Ebay and in dealing with Massimo they have been a pleasure to deal with . I had a couple of issues and they were taken care of immediately . Everyone that I have dealt with has been super helpful and nice people. I don't plan on subjecting it to very hard use so I think that I'll be OK. Time will tell.
  13. I read that on another post and I checked it and it seems to be OK. Thanks for the input. It doesn't seem to be as loud standing at the back with the engine reving. I think that sound deadening in the interior will help a lot , but we'll see .
  14. Hi to all . My name is Rich . I've recently purchased a MSU 500 from Massimo in Texas . So far I'm impressed with the overall quality of the machine . My only real issue so far is that this thing is extremely loud . You can't even carry on a conversation with a passenger without yelling which is annoying. My first plan is to add some Dynamat to the underside of the engine cover and the seats. I would appreciate it if anyone has this problem and any solutions . Is there anything in the aftermarket for the exhaust system ? Other than that I'm pretty happy with it so far. Rich
  15. Hi eveyone. My name is Rich and I'm in central Florida. I just got a Massimo MSU 500 which I'm primarily using for work on my property although I will probably be persuaded to do an occasional trip. I'm not new to motorsports but new to side by sides and off roading . I hope to speak with some of you and hopefully get some guidance on working on my ride. Rich

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