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  1. Randy Stevens

    Randy Stevens

  2. It could be moisture in fuel, not uncommon. For future reference , I burn nothing but highest octane in mine and use good quality fuel such as BP. Hisun 550 and runs like a champ. Good luck buddy!
  3. Just for the sake of knowing, can you attach jump wire from positive side of battery to pump and see if it stays running? You might have to find a hot wire when key is on to by-pass. Just a thought?????
  4. Wow, this is another obstacle that may hit me one day? Mine is a 2019 too and was brand new when I bought it, 30 days later it was in shop for a month, they said it was a drivers side seat belt safety issue, I was told that they replaced the seat belt assembly and that cured the problem, come to find out, they did not replace anything. I returned to dealer to look at their work order on it and surprisingly they lost that work order. In other words.., they lied. Took it to a local mechanic and he fixed it within an hour. Clogged injector, blew it out and it ran great for about a month, then s
  5. I have contacted Hisun themselves in Texas and all they will tell you is to contact one of their dealers for help, when I contacted them for my issue, they told me that they are trying to learn themselves how to work on them and they charge $125 an hour to “GUESS” at my problem. I asked dealer about codes and how to do diagnostic and their answer was We Don’t Know....... yet?? I’m doing my own troubleshooting and luckily, mine had been fuel issues and that’s not to hard to figure out. A learning experience but so far it’s still running ok!
  6. I have watched several videos on mine and on Coleman’s. They do have some similarities but unfortunately for me, that port doesn’t exist in mine. I wished it did but as of now, it’s running flawlessly.🤞
  7. Yep, I have no such connector, none that I seen so far and I’ve been over every inch visibly as possible without dismantling.
  8. Might help a bit to know what issues you’re having, if any? If none, then finding the port might be tough. I’ve looked everywhere on my Hisun 550 and had no luck. Hisun sure won’t give you no support! Great machine when it runs.
  9. I’ve had a 550 for 2 years and I’m still looking for it
  10. Try blowing out injector. Mine did same thing. Had plastic particles in it I’m guessing from inside gas tank as it’s all plastic anyway, maybe a burr from injection machine that form it?? Mine since idles fine after warming up a few seconds. Hope this info helps!
  11. Sorry for spelling , i meant atv/utv’s
  12. Unfortunately Mick, Hisun will provide you with little to no info. They want us to depend on their dealers to handle these sub-par machines. I’ve had issues with mine in the past and when you contact the requested dealer, they admit that the are behind in their work on these because they personally don’t know enough about them themselves! At least they were honest enough to tell me and at $125 an hour, you can’t afford to have them fix it and let them sit at shop for weeks in end till Hisun finds the issue and pass through info onto dealer’s technicians. I found a local country boy who works

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