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  1. Try blowing out injector. Mine did same thing. Had plastic particles in it I’m guessing from inside gas tank as it’s all plastic anyway, maybe a burr from injection machine that form it?? Mine since idles fine after warming up a few seconds. Hope this info helps!
  2. Sorry for spelling , i meant atv/utv’s
  3. Unfortunately Mick, Hisun will provide you with little to no info. They want us to depend on their dealers to handle these sub-par machines. I’ve had issues with mine in the past and when you contact the requested dealer, they admit that the are behind in their work on these because they personally don’t know enough about them themselves! At least they were honest enough to tell me and at $125 an hour, you can’t afford to have them fix it and let them sit at shop for weeks in end till Hisun finds the issue and pass through info onto dealer’s technicians. I found a local country boy who works on arc/tub’s out of his garage and he fixed mine up within couple days. I know you perhaps don’t have such a local -yokal in your parts, but Hisun techs won’t give you time of day on these. I’ve filed complaint. with BBB as to warn potential buyers to do extensive research on these! It’s a fine machine when it runs otherwise it’s a piece of junk! Chinese Crap! Sorry I can’t offer a motive CPU orcrank sensor would be a starting point? Good luck.
  4. I found a plug in port on mine under hood by radiator. Not sure if that the diagnostic port or just an adapter for power supply????
  5. Sorry, meant to say schematic on EFI are worthless. Motor runs fine
  6. Personally, ( & I own one) these thing are junk! The suspension and body/ frame and steering work well but the schematic on motor are worthless! Chinese crap but I’m like you... mines a 2019 with 400 miles. 3 weeks after I bought it, it was in shop for 2 months! I’m considering switching to carburetor for mine and do away with efi. Motor runs good when it runs!
  7. I was told by mechanic that did first initial repair that these motors need good grade fuel such as BP, Mobile Oil, Chevron, Shell etc, plus a higher octane would improve performance greatly.
  8. Hi Mick, after my first issue, mine started doing same thing, thus I pulled injector and throughly cleaned and blew it out, runs fine again. I’d suggest putting a new one in. They come with cheapo’s from China, but that’s not saying new ones are built there too but they are cheap in price. Check fuel pump assembly to make sure it has a filter to catch garbage being sucked up from gas tank. Should correct your problems. I’ve learned a lot about mine lately but it still runs great with a little maintenance!!
  9. I just started narrowing things down as suggested by many, electrical, air, fuel filters, fuel pump, oxygen sensor, then injector was last and it turned out to be culprit. Had white plastic shavings in it and was clogging the fuel flow and spray. It only had one injector! Hope this helps everyone!
  10. Actually some on here gave me clues, plus internet helped out too!
  11. Just to update everything, got my Hisun running again, bad injector. These machines are now know for such issue. Put in new injector (compatiable, better built one) & it runs better than new! Thanks for everyone’s help here. Hopefully it’ll help others with same issues!
  12. Totally agree and any knowledge that comes my way will definitely be passed on to others here! Many, many thanks!!
  13. Thanks Ken, yeah I’m gonna wait on tech to give me an appropriate answer but he said he had to go thru the channels with a Hisun tech because he doesn’t even know himself. Hisun needs to educate their service reps and service what they sell. It’s common practice everywhere else. This is a good running machine WHEN it’s runs!!!! I will let everyone here know when issue is diagnosis and cure is found so that others won’t go thru so much red tape for a fix!
  14. It’s s the same issue I had last yr, wasn’t a clogged injector.
  15. The book shows trouble codes so I’m assuming a plug I found in front by storage compartment & radiator is my OBD2 port. To trace this wire will result in complete wiring breakdown as it’s involves other circuit wiring in the harness itself. I did use jump wire on seatbelt also checked voltage thru it. It test low voltage thus I jumped with no different results. Appreciate the info bro.

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