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Hisun 750 Total electrical failure


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I just bought a new Hisun 750 sxs. I drove one mile and it just died. No power at all. Battery is 12.8v. Found no blown fuses. No power to the panel, no nothing. Problem for me is I bought 160 acres near big bend. Trying to build a house. Got blown up in 'Nam . Can't walk much. Scared I'm way out and it fails again. I heard something  about a brake switch,  but I have no idea where it might be.

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  • Alex changed the title to Hisun 750 Total electrical failure

Hi Nypto,

How are you with electrical troubleshooting?

Since you know the battery is good, Have you checked the cables?

  • Check continuity between the negative terminal and the engine case, you should have close to 0 ohms if the ground connection is good.
  • Check between the positive terminal and the starter relay on the other end of the positive batt cable.

I would be surprised if there wasnt a loose connection somewhere in there. Likely connected at the factory and not tightened, and it just rattled loose.


Past that I would try to lean on the people who sold it, and see if you can exchange it for a new one since you only got a mile out of it.


Let me know how the troubleshooting goes, and if you want to continue digging past that.

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Sounds like the battery cables are good.

Ok you've checked the simple stuff, I would contact the seller and ask for an exchange at this point. It's only done a mile I don't think that's an unreasonable expectation.

If you want to keep going let me know, but from here you're likely looking at replacing parts and possibly voiding the warranty, as well as a bunch of time and labor.

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Well, I have to show my stupidity here. I had the 750 towed. 150 dollars and I found out what the problem was.

The dashboard ECU switch fuse was blown. I NEVER thought a simple 5 amp fuse would shut the whole utv down.

Going to call the dealership and ask if it was a known problem.

I did buy a handful of these fuses just in case.

I appreciate the help you offered. I know where to come for help


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Yeah....that's  where my ignorance showed thru. I never thought to check a little 5 amp fuse that ran the display. How could that little fuse wreak havoc on my whole dystem?

I found out exactly how it happened. The little plug in the glove box..for accessories was unplugged. I had placed a pair of needle nose pliers in there which came into contact with the positive side of the plug. I now carry a handful of fuses.

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