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2021 Hisun/Axis 700 Big Clunk Sound, No No-go, except in 4WD


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2021 Hisun/Axis 700.

I've had some good trail rides with this thing, on some rough roads, although the last two rides weren't rough at all. ANYWAY, yesterday I pulled out of the garage and it clunked really loud, like the clunk when it's trying to pop out of gear... (I think we've all heard that..) And I'm used to it, in both Hi and Lo, but it seemed louder this time but it still moved. I got it up to the front yard and it clunked a few more times, loudly, and then it refused to move. Engine is fine: just no movement.
I towed it back down to the garage and took a look at it today. I suspected the belt and had loosened all the belt cover bolts, but I thought I'd check for movement of the drive shaft. Started it up, set the brake, put it in Lo and gunned it. No-go. Then I noticed the front drive shaft was turning a bit. I pushed the button and put it in 4-wheel and gunned it again and the machine lurched forward a bit. The front drive shaft is turning and it wants to move so I guess it's not the belt. SO SO glad I didn't take the cover off- It's a royal pain to put back on...
SO. I'm no mechanic but looking for input from you guys. Any suggestions on what to check next? Thanks in advance.
So, searching forums.... The symptoms match what some guys are calling a broken "through shaft." I'm seeing drive shaft, through shaft, middle shaft... What to look for?
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Hey Rick,

I'm not familiar with the 700, but I can try.

When it's in gear and you try to drive it in 2wd does the rear driveshaft spin at all? Can you grab rear driveshaft and give it a strong wiggle on both ends and make sure the u-joints are still intact? There shouldn't be any play on either.

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Yes check the rear driveshaft and see if the gear is inside the rear driveshaft connecting seat.

My hisun was put together wrong from factory, someone somehow put a spring number 45 behind the nut number 8 which I don't know how they did it because it's so tight in there with just the nut.

But it causes the number 6 drive shaft sleeve to only be in the connecting seat about 1/2 a inch.

Hisun did give me the parts free to fix it but I'm sure there could be a few out there that was assembled this way. Here's picture of there diagram that shows the numbers I'm talking about. Hopefully this is your problem it's an easy fix with the new parts, just don't put the spring behind the nut when putting it back together, hope this helps. I got my old parts to show if op want to see it.


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KGS-- Thanks so much for the reply, and the diagram and pics! That will help a lot when I dig into it. Well, when my neighbor digs into it. He's been helping for a couple years, first with the 2009 700 rebuild and now with this new one I got in July. Although this one hasn't had any issues he showed me a lot of tips, oil change, etc. I am clueless in mechanical work, which, I hear, is suicide if you have a Hisun. :)

Would the symptoms I described match the problem you had? Or can't you tell until I check the shaft again to see if it spins by hand?


Anyway. Thanks!

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Yes it made loud clunky noise with the gear catching and slipping unit I got it home. If you look at the back drive shaft you should not be able to see that gear, if you can see that gear sticking out some you could have the problem I had. Your friend will be able to tell real quick by looking at mine and looking at yours with out tearing it apart.

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OK. Today I jacked up the rear end and the rear wheels spin freely. I can turn the rear drive shaft by hand and the wheels will turn. It still won't budge in 2WD but in 4WD it wants to go. 

Took some pics and it looks like there's a screw missing on the left side of the bracket closest to the engine. But that looks like an engine mount... 


20221018_142950 A.jpg





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Yes you need to put a bolt back in that hole, you see that black rubber Peace on the rear end. You can fold that down to see if that gear is messed up or not, that rubber Peace keeps dust out of there. It fits pretty tight. But it's probably ok if you can turn wheels and don't hear anything.While you are at it try and jack up the front and turn the wheels. That bolt needs to be put back in, motor under power with that bolt out could cause your motor to move around under load which is not good.

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Sounds like your rear axle/driveshaft are ok. I don't see a reason to check the front, as we know that is fine.

If you flip the rubber part you can check where the rear driveshaft goes into the motor. The splines may be stripped out. You may need to remove the shaft by disconnecting the rear u-joint, and pull it out to get a good look at the splines.

Sorry I'm not 100% sure on this model as this part is a bit different on my 400.

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Being in 2 WD and you say it wont move isn't good, because if it was the gear I'm talking about the rear driveshaft would still turn but utv  would just set there making a noise. So it could be a gear inside the motor that put the power to the rear driveshaft, which sounds like a big job. With that motor mount bolt being out could of put the motor on a angle which caused something to go out in the rear driver train. I hope I'm wrong but need to look it over and see if the another motor mount is missing. Let us know what you find out when you're neighbor looks at it.

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Yes that other spline goes into the universal joint on one end, the other end of the universal joint is attached to the back of the motor. That's where the worse case could be. So if you put it in 2 WD and the universal joint on the back of the motor doesn't move then it's internal problem's. But I agree take the universal joint apart so you can inspect the main shaft on rear then look at the one on back of motor. 

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You may have a busted middle drive gear support and/or through shaft.  All power is transmitted through it.  Looks like a case split may be in order.

I replaced my drive gear support with a billet unit for a 660 rhino when i had the case apart.


Edit:  i have a sector 750 but i think they are the same.

Screenshot_20220910-074506_Acrobat for Samsung.jpg


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Yes I agree it could be that, easy thing to do before you tear things apart is put it in 2WD and have your buddy look at the universal joint while giving it a little gas to make it move. If the universal joint turns and the driveshaft doesn't then one of the splines is stripped out.if the universal joint don't move at all then the problem is spline going into universal joint on back of motor. If that's not stripped then it's in side like stated above. I hope it's just a stripped spline on your drive shaft. 

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Well shit. That doesn't sound good. I'll relay all this when my buddy can get to it. (He's helping friend build a garage... ) So if a spline is stripped it would just need  a new drive shaft? My luck's not that good. This thing is 3 months old. No chance of warranty work around here-- 5-hour drive to the nearest Hisun dealer in Idaho. 

Thanks, though, guys.


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10 minutes ago, RickinMT said:

UPDATE-- I heard from Hisun Tech Support and they're sending me the parts under warranty. 🙂 I guess it's happened enough that they know which parts apply and he asked if there are any additional parts needed to send pics and they'll take care of it. Great news. That's what I was hoping for. 👍👍👍

Did i miss what it ended up being?  Hopefully the easier fix.

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2021 Axis 700

OK. We pulled the drive shaft and we're working on getting the coupler out. Otherwise, it looks like we need the drive shaft, the coupling and oil seal for the forward end of the shaft.
Hisun sent me the rear boss, seal and coupler but it's the front parts I need. Waiting to hear back from them now....
Does ANYONE have any tips on how to get that front coupler out of the engine? We have the nut off and prying and banging isn't working... 🙂




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12 hours ago, Greg Kilgore said:

Could try a little heat and a 3-jaw puller. Hopefully there is not an internal C-clip holding in on the inside.


Question RickinMT how did you guys get the drive shaft out. I have a Axis 500 and having the same issue as you and I suspect I will have to do the same thing. 

Yes, he got it out. I wasn't there so I don't know how but the coupler is out. Now I'm just waiting for Hisun to send the parts (under warranty).  he did say it wasn't fun, so he must have had a hard time at it.

Greg--- We got the drive shaft out by removing the bolts holding the rear differential and sliding it backwards. (We took the dump bed off to get access to everything.) We tried loosening the engine mount bolts, too, and rocking it up at the rear but that didn't do it.


Thanks, guys.

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Wish you the best of luck and keep us posted.


I still haven't heard from them about my issue fixing to call them now. They are making money hand over fist by having us owners repair their warranty stuff. By not paying a shop to fix. I'm going to bring that up on my call and see what happens. They would have to send parts to shop anyway. What little spare time I have I should have to fix their stuff. My payments aren't to them so they can't credit my account. And if the work I do. Will it void the remaining warranty. 

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