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TBoss 550 died while running, then wouldn't start.


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So I'm out a deer camp and ran the sxs for 2 days.  The next morning, fired it up and headed out.  Made it about 50 yds then bogged down and died.   Restarted twice and only moved a few feet then would not restart.  Took the truck out for the day to hunt and when I got back I could hear the fuel pump kick on when the key was turned but it would still not start.  Added stabilizer to the fuel and put the trickle charger on it and tried again the next day, still the same - pump coming on and turning over but no start.  Other than spark plug, air filter or injector clog any ideas?  Out in the middle of nowhere so limited on resources.

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Hi TapBoss,  This maybe beyond field repair, the electric fuel has a restriction/clog.  I had a similar problem with my Kawaski 750 Teryx (2008).  I would drive a little distance and bogged down, but not die.  I was able to drive at less than 5 mph back to camp.  Took it in for service, and then found out the problem.  The Teryx has the fuel pump in the gas tank.  I was very careful in filling the tank then, using a filter in the funnel.  Panty hose works as a great strainer, seriously.  Hope this helps.  Don N.

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No, never started again after that incident. Got it home now, air box/filter clean but couldn’t find my spark plug tool to pull it. Have a new one arriving Wednesday so we’ll see then if plug is fouled. About at the recommended hrs for changing and I had been doing a lot of short trips. Will check fuel filter as well. 

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Had similar situation. Road a nice long ride. Stopped to get a drink at a store. Machine started but wouldn't idle and died. Had to give it gas to keep running.

Got home sat a little and all was good. Changed the fuel filter and even though it's a new machine. Looked like paint chips inside the filter on the output nipple. 

I put a plastic filter on and haven't had any trouble with idle since. I'm going to get another injector and replace just to be safe. Once I get other issues taken care of.

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Update, replaced the spark plug which did nothing.  Pulled the fuel injector and it is working properly (mist) - but the video on youtube from Massimo states if you see 2 streams it's bad.  The fuel injector has 4 holes??  Anyway, added fresh fuel just incase, still no changes.  Battery is fully charged and engine will turn over like crazy but not fire up. 


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Does it have spark? If not then is most probably your stator.  If it has spark then it is either your fuel injector is clogged, clean it with carb cleaner until you have a good stream of fuel; take off your air filter and spray starting fluid into the intake manifold try stating it; if it starts then it either your fuel pump or your fuel line.  If it doesn't start then it is electrical (stator, ECU or a wire)

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