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If my dad didnt live 3000km away I could get my hands on his CNC machine.. :( I was starting to look around for a nice small turbo to run about 3-6 psi (no idea what the top/bottom end on these engines would be good for) and by searching that I stumbled onto here! BTW, hello fellow Troopers! :D I have a slightly modded Trooper that I will post up pics later for all.

Welcome to the UTVBoard. I look forward to seeing your pictures.


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Why thank you Cinda, and you beat me to introducing myself! I just recently purchased a 2008 Joyner Trooper T2 with some slight modifications, and I found this forum so far to be INVALUABLE with information on what people are doing to their SideXSide's etc. I live in Grande Prairie Alberta Canada, and you can find me on the weekends usually sunk in muskeg or a mudhole I should never have attempted! :D I uploaded pics to my computer but have no idea how to add them to my "gallery". Im sure a few searches on here and I will find out! See you guys/gals out in the trails.

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