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Rear Differintial Locked?


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I'll post pictures next week on my rebuild, which I have completed successfully...👍 

It says someplace limited slip rear dif. On my hoist both tires turn at the same time, same direction. The problem I have is that on hard pack, they stay locked up and I'm digging up my driveway on sharp turns. I'm sure in the summer on turf, I'll have holes in my yard. It acts like a solid live axle on a small ATV

There's a wire running to the rear diff that I thought was the lock up for the rear end. But it's locked all the time. 

Question, how is it supposed to work? Is it supposed to slip under hard turns etc?

I'll have to do something to disengage it for the summer, options, thoughts?

Thanks in advance, Dan 

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Sorry for the slow reply. :(

Thanks for the information.  I looked up in the exploded parts drawing and it does show a "spool" type ring gear hub assembly.  You're correct, there's NO way to get away from the "live axle" effect on the rear end.

But for our use in the summer, this will not work for us.  We want to drive on our yard to do basic yard work and it will chunk up the turf quite badly, I'm sure.  So I will try to come up with a design that could be like a dog gear device on one rear axle and see if that can be fitted.  Otherwise, I will get a used, hopefully, rear axle and just take out the center shaft and use the diff end as a seal plug and the outboard end for the wheel/brake hub assembly.  This will be some work every time I need to change to solid rear drive, but it will save the yard.  Right now, I just plan on using it for my driveway plowing this winter and the live rear axle is fine for that.  I have a KFI 60" blade for it and I purchased the KFI power angle kit so I can swing the blade from the inside without getting out of the cab.  Depending on the winter here in MI, I may elect to do a 3-Star Ind. cab enclosure to stay a bit warmer.

Thanks for the guidance!


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