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Future improvements for Iplex to consider for Joyner UTV Models.


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This is for owners of a Trooper, Renegade & Commando 2 & 4 Seater UTVs to express in their view, an improvement on current models for the next model to be released. Not so much for problem areas that have been discussed elsewhere.

To get the ball rolling.

On all UTVs, improve the quality of the hardware used.

On a C2,C4,R2 and R4 add a rubber flares to the front guards.

On a T2 & T4 add rubber mud guards to front & rear. On new models with round drain holes on floor boards, add rubber bungs to stop dust, sand and water entering the cab.

On UTV accessories, align the fairlead on the winch for correct feed onto drum. Increase spot light bulbs to 100w. Upgrade canvas enclosures to a PVC enclosure.

I see all of the above as small inexpensive upgrades to improve quality and comfort.

Kinarfi, feel free to change the way this should be formatted. For example as suggestions come in, add them to a heading.

Cheers Mike.

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Going to a better and tighter steering rack and pinion. I went to a higher quality 3:1 ratio box ( old is about 2:1 ) and it was much much easier without any inability to turn quick enough for fast tight trails.

Increase suspension travel to what is claimed in the literature. Stock Trooper has only about 7-3/4" in front and about 9-1/2" in the rear. If they want to be a serious player in the UTV market it should be at least 12" front and rear with adjustable/tunable/rebuildable shocks .

Better seat belts that adjust easier and don't loose their adjustment while riding.

Cut the weight down or at least provide a 1600cc option, preferably both.

Better utilize space under drivers seat for storage.

Make low gear lower. It's only good for slow tight or knarly stuff anyway. Lower would make it better for rock crawling and be easier on the clutch.

Go to 7000 series aircraft quality 1/8" aluminum under plate and secure with bolts that screw into anchored threaded tabs. This aluminum is much stronger and stiffer than currently used and not that much more expensive.

Actively eliminate rattles, they are everywhere. All the other UTV's I've ridden in didn't rattle at all.

Go to a 30" tire on 15" rims. 15" rims provide a broader tire selection. Tires should also do well in a variety of off road conditions and sand dunes. Current tires are worthless in the sand dunes.


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