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Kinarfi Rides Again & Again & Again :)

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Went for a nice little, it got late ride Sunday, Saw 3 Moose, some deer, a porcupine (I thought they had gone extinct around here, 1st in several years), lots of fall colors, some deer hunters, an owl.

Went to honk 'HI' at some campers and the horn stuck on and I drove down the road with the horn blaring for about a mile where I stopped and pulled the wires off the horn. Had the left head light fail. Saw some neat new stuff that was blocked earlier. Don't know if the Forest service opened then up or if others removed the road closed signs. Down load attached .GPX file and drag & drop onto google earth.


Sorry, no photos, camera problems.

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Removed horn button and put it in the center of the steering wheel. Sweet. The light turned out to be the lug was poorly crimped onto the light's lead wire.

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Moab This Time No, Went to Hell's Revenge(ended up in the dark which was cool because I got to see how well my LED lights work, they work GOOOOD!!!, Fins & Thing, Porcupine rim, Steel Bender, and a trip around the LaSals (117 Miles according to my GPS), I was going to come over Geyser pass but the snow was too deep. + a stop at G. R. to see Crystal Geyser and another stop at~ MP295.5 and headed west to Smiths cabin and then to neat little place at N 38° 57.6304' W 110° 24.5416' and on the way out, found an old mine that would make a nice cool place to eat lunch for the kids in some of the caves around N38°58'51.56" W110°22'11.56"

If any one wants a GPX file, drop me a PM with your address and I'll send you one or two of them


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