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RTV900 Half Doors

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Hi all,

I have a Kubota RTV900 with a Curtis Cab and Windshield that I would like to put half doors on. I don't know of any manufactures of these (for the Kubota), but was wondering if anyone has ideas? Formed Plastic or Aluminum would be nice, but I've thought about 3/4" plywood with hinges. I don't want it to be crude, but something neat would be good. Thanks for any ideas.


Jeff D.

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Hi Jeff,

I've just found your old post about half doors for your Kubota RTV900 to go with your Curtis Cab & Windshield. If your still looking, we have a new line of mud stopper half doors just released for most UTV models. They are canvas, but will still keep your legs contained in an event of a rollover and will stop most mud and sand from entering the cab, thrown up from your front wheels. Only full doors will give you maximum protection there. I haven't got a photo of a RTV900 with the new half doors yet but will give you a link showing a John Deere Gator to give you an idea.

The link is Pacific Eagle UTV Enclosures For materials & Colours, scroll down to the bottom of this page KUBOTA - Pacific Eagle UTV Enclosures

Cheers Mike.

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