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has any one heard of Klung motots

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I received a PM from http://www.klung-motor.com/ saying they had parts, any one know anything about them?


hi,Sir, How are you ? We specialize in large displacement buggy business and able to supply parts for your buggies parts needs.

If you are looking for some parts for your buggies, just feel free to contact us .

Please visit our website to learn our NEW parts resource.

www.klung-motor.com KLung Industry Co.,limited

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Well if they are who they say they are, performance should be impressive. Weight off one of the 4x4 1100cc machines was around 800 lbs and the other around 1200 lbs, use of chromoly 4130 tubing. And automatic trans. Worth a phone call. A long distance call.

rocmoc n AZ

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Problem with that is they are not in America as far as I can tell so getting one of those buggies in will be impossible without EPA certs

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