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Trooper Ball joints are in stock

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We have ball joints for all models.Includeing Trooper,renegade,Commandos.Spyders.

Thanks Rick

I find that ball joints that come without a greese fitting, (I know, go figure) can be easily drilled and one added. They are susposed to be permently sealed but when you relpace an old one without the greese fitting, it's always dryed out from the seal going bad then the greese goes. With the greese fitting, you constantly flush out any dirt trying to work its way in.


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As Lenny said, it's easy to drill & tap a zerk into the end, personal feeling here, drill the hole off center a little bit. You'll need to grind the weld off if it hasn't brokent loose already like mine did, unscrew the end, drill and tap, zerk, screw back on and reweld. The idea that they are sealed is bunk, when I grease mine, the grease comes out the through the threads, if grease can come out, crap can go in.

However, personal opinion again, I wouldn't recommend doing the lower ball joint because you'll probably knock it off on a rock. Just pack some grease in under the boot.


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