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Kinarfi's Trooper as of April,2011

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Here's 50 photos I took yesterday, I wrote on a lot of them as to why they might be worth noting(safety issues), and a few thing I think caused me so grief.

2272095060104282158FfIgQh_th.jpg #26 is my redesigned air/oil separator, when my rings went bad, I had a lot of blow by which carried the oil mist into my intake manifold and I had standing oil in it, so I flipped the manifold and I like it that way, and pushed enough of the mist out to the stock oil/air to over load the breather filter to where it dripped oil out side and down the side of the air/oil separator canister. The new one is made out of 2 2" white pvc caps, 1 2"X3" pipe nipple and 1 breather filter from Checker O'Rielly. I cut the rubber mount off the breather and epoxied to the inside of one of the caps(vent) after drilling and tapping, drilled and tapped the pipe(inlet) and the other cap(drain, welded a bolt for mounting, assembled with teflon tape and painted it black (now if I get oil dripping off the vent filter, it drips back into the system and the vent is on the intake side of the main air filter, plus I used clear tubing so I can see if anything is happening).(probably don't need it now that my rings are good again :blink: )

I added a small catch bottle between the valve cover and intake just in case. When I did my re-ringing, I plugged the big hole in the valve cover and the hole coming out of my oil pan, BIG MISTAKE!!!!, when you turn the engine off, any cylinders on the compression stroke bleed of the compression creating internal pressure, and in my case, pushed oil out the tube in the oil pan because it was the weakest closure. Not now though.

still working on this post.


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