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Just wanted to post some FYI on CV boots:

Well, the only issue I have run into with my new long travel front suspension is my CV boots binding at full droop & full turn. They bound up so much so, that the last time I went to Moab my left front CV boot kept kicking off. So, I contacted Gorilla Axle and they sent me a pair of their long travel CV boots. Now, I gave them the dimensions of our axle and the salesman said the ones he was sending would work. Well, they showed up and they were tiny. So, with only a short time till Moab I looked in the parts/pieces thread and went down to the ol' Autozone and picked me up some 95' Geo Metro boots. The worked great! It is a uni-boot style that will fit a few different vehicles. They are thinner material than stock which is exactly what I was needing. However, that means they are more suseptable to tearing as well, but I am sure they won't crack like the stock rubber. With the stock boots when I would perform a compound angle on the CV it would pinch the boot. With these other boots I can feel the metal internals contacting instead of the boot. I am running Moab this weekend and I will update with more info after I test them.

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Just back to CV boot topic, I had a torn right front CV boot. Ordered it from NAPA with the 6862181 part number for 95 geo metro. Good thing I took my old boot in. The one they gave me was MUCH smaller than my original. No way would it have worked. Was about 1/2 the size on the big end (small end might have fit over the axle). Autozones around me did not have one and so I went to O'rielly Auto Parts and ended up with a Dorman boot that was kind of a generic cut to fit boot that actually was just about perfect fit size wise though much thinner than the original which as mentioned might not be a bad thing. They also brought out a specific 95 geo metro boot that was very small like the one from NAPA. I am not sure if I have different sized CV or why this part was so different when seems to work for others. Just would recommend you take your old CV boot with for comparison if you are not sure!


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like I mentioned in my original post, the cv boots I picked up were a type that would fit a few different models. I believe they refer to it as a uni-boot, because it is a universal application. you can cut the boot down to fit. I ran moab & a couple of local trails without a hitch, where the stock ones would bind. remember, I have about 3.5 inches of droop over a stock trooper & that is the reason I had to find another/thinner boot.

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Hi 2 scoops Are you sure you want your c/v binding.Are you ninot worried about the c/v joint cage breaking.May be i miss understand what you said i know you know what you are doing.Just dont want

you to go and have a c/v breaking

don't worry about questioning me. I see it as a positive to have a second oppinion, not a negative. my cv joints are not binding. it was just the boot. I may eventually move my diff a little more forward to cut down on some of the angle.

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