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Oxygen Sensors


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In the past, people have had a problem with the wire to the O2 sensor rubbing bare and shorting out. Also another the fuse to the O2 sensor failed. Kinarfi & Lenny are the most experienced with the sensors. In the future we need to use Oxygen Sensor instead of O2 so the search function will work. Search functions requires 4 letters or more for a search so you have to use sensor and wade thu a lot of stuff to find the Oxygen Sensor info.

rocmoc n AZ

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Welcome bill and mary, please fill out the profile so we can all get to know you a little better, & who knows, maybe one of us lives just around the corner from you.

check the wires where the go past the radiator, if held in place with a tyrap, cut the tyrap and re-secure the plug to keep the wires away for the radiator support, that's where mine was shorting out.

Rocmoc, as moderators, we can make changes like you suggested, so I did.

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