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New guy need help


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Hi all. I just got a 1999 Mule 550 last summer and an in the process of fixing what's wrong with it. So far, thru the internet, I've found the part numbers for the exhaust pipe and both parking brake cables but even calliing a dealer I can't find the differential locker cable. I was kind of surprised that even searching cable on this forum I came up with absolutely 0 results. Does anyone have the part number so I can order one of these? Any leads on the best place to shop for Mule parts would be appreciated too, so far I've found the best deal at a place online called Cheap Cycle Parts that's says their selling OEM parts. Anyone use these guys? Are their parts really OEM? Thanks in advance for your help.Now I'm going to go lurk on the site and see what I can learn.

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Good morning & WELCOME Jeff.

There are a couple of guys on Ebay that are selling parts from the Joyner bankruptcy auction that took place a couple year ago. Maybe your contact is one of them. There is also in most big cities someone that makes up cables for nearly everything, bicycles to heavy equipment. Did you try our two princple dealers with parts, SilverBullet in Yuma, AZ, http://silverbulletmotorsports.net/ and No Limits in Arlington, TX, http://www.joyner-atv-utv.com/ ?

rocmoc n AZ

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