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Throw out bearing


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Thanks I will let you know. I ordered the clutch kit from Jose and waiting for it. ....My clutch and flywheel is like new but the pressure plate is shot only one hot spot but it is warped bad. Seems like the bearing had dirt in it. We sprayed the hell out of it with PB Blaster while spining it and it doesnt seem ruff now but you know how that is..Going to spray grease in it and see if we can get it in it..

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We have been asked to make a super heavy duty kelver clutch.We have talked to my clutch guy. And we have increase the pressuer plate from our stock keliver 30% more pressure to 50% more. A new disc with more heaft to it.This is for the guys with big H/P.The stock plate we offer is great for guys with big tires and mid increase in power.Check silverbulletmotorsports for bearing he may be able to find one.If bearing was ruff i would try to find new one.They our hard to find sometimes.



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