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air shocks


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Hey guys I know there is tons of talk on here about shocks and I know a lot of you love the coil overs because of were you ride and the speeds you get to travel at. So im planning on upgreading my suspension if and when I ever get the rear diff rebuilt I cant get those axles off the diff at all UGH so this weekend it will be a comalong and a tree to see what happens. Anyway back to the shock I think Im gonna go with the fox air shocks a lot of the ridding I do here in MASS and sometimes NH is slow 1st 2nd gear stuff sometimes I get her going 50. I can get a great deal on them cause I know some one free shipping and free first revalving. So i have been playing with my suspension a little while working with the diff issues and I know I can increase the travel so I figure I can go 23 +or- a bit on the down travel and it looks like I can be at about 18 on the up thats the bottom of the rear trailing arm above the lowest point of the frame I am running 30" tires I could probally go to 17 even on the up so If I am correct I need a rear shock about 24" 5" travel and a limit strap set at 23 if that is correct how are you guys all running 8-8.5" of travel and what size are you straps

I think the air shock would work for me I know you guys have opinions so please share and If any one has some c-4 kicking around send it to me so I can get my diff done lol


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For slow riding the should be fine & you can make them much softer than stock. They require

more upkeep than coilovers though. Also, be sure you factor in the price of a nitrogen servicing

set up-you will need it. A coilover is just more reliable. You can blow seals & keep riding--not the

case with an airshock. Last, I wouldn't run them if you carry heavy loads. The air doesn't provide

a consistent spring load & can settle unevenly. Try them in the front & see what you think.

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Hey 2scoops thanx for the reply what size do you think I should get for the front earthier air shock or coil shock I was thinking of a 5.5 travel for front I know all you guys modify your shock mounts but that's not what I wanna do I'd have to pay for the welding and fab work and I just don't want to do that. I also found a set of fox coil overs in my state that were set up for a jeep 10" travel and 8.5 travel what do you think of that???? Been so discouraged with pulling about the rear end that I have been thinking suspension to up lift my mood lol! I got on axle off today but the passenger side no way then I took my son to the beach any thanx for the input let me know what u think of this

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charlie, Beware this is a new product and not everyone (I don't think anyone) has the tools or training to revalve this shock yet. I am looking at the same shock for my Jeep and am working with Off-Road Warehouse in San Diego. They are a very big outfit and THEY have not received the tools or training yet. I just spoke to them this morning and they were calling Fox to see WHEN they would receive the tools & training. I will update when I hear back from them. Just beware the setup may not be what you wish when they arrive. Make sure who ever you purchase from will stand behind the one free revalving no matter how long it takes. Off-Road Warehouse says normally the revalve has to take place in the first 30 days after purchase. I will make sure they extend the time period for my should I purchase. I also have them asking what valving the shocks come with from the factory. The last time I purchaed Fox from them the factory valving was way too harsh. Good luck!

rocmoc n AZ/Mexico

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Rocmoc Yes I know its fairly new tech and I have been speeking with off road warehouse too lol A few times I havnt decided on it yet just researching on it and my options for suspension. I gotta get the rear diff fixed first lol. The reason I am looking at them is wear I work I have a friend whos brother was in King of the hammers and he used the fox air shocks for 2 yrs no real issues so thats what got the wheels turning, at this point just shopping around but thanx for the advice

How is the jeep any mods or new pics yet??? have a good 4th rocmoc

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Off-Road Warehouse is one of the best. I will share info if & when they call. BUT I found a shock that is fine for my Jeep yesterday for a 1/3 of the cost, Skyjacker Softride. Already ordered and paid for. Since the Jeep will be used more as a daily driver & toad behind the motorhome, I decided at this time the Skyjacker would do the trick. I know you get what you pay for and I may end up wasting $. Will see!

rocmoc n AZ/Mexico

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