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Some improvements - with a bit of everything thrown in...


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Didn't include pics of the obvious like rad fan. Just the stuff I made up.

First off, FUSEBOX. I replaced mine. If you want to replace yours, cut the wires fuse by fuse near the old terminal. This way if you get confused, you can still see which wire went where. I have a pic of the work in progress, and the final assembly. Relays are now individual too.

4X4 electric to manual conversion.

I have a pic of the diff lever I used and how its mounted. Used a motorcycle cable, and the front diff has a plate as you can see. This plate is home made - Central America has next to nothing, so I had to use a hacksaw and file to make this. However, it works great and is reliable. You can see a front and back of the mechanism that pushes the pin in and out.

I used to be lead hand and team leader at my old tool and die shop. Now my parrot inspects everything and tells me what to do.

Here's the link;


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Your homemade parts look like it could had came off any shelf of Joyner parts shop. You got some skills for a guy that lives in a place where resources isn't easily available.

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Doesn't say much for the joyner parts har har

Thanks bud. Just wanted to give our friends some ideas on what works and is easy to make. I think Lenny has a second lever for sale too, and the price is certainly right for anyone who wants to do the same. I can get motorcycle cables here for $5 plus shipping and handling, if anyone wants it.

Also, a gear change cable would work too, pushing the pin in instead of pulling it out.

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