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JeepS update!


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Yup, I said Jeeps. I picked up a 30 year barn find. Stored 30 years in a Nebraska barn after grandpa passed away (not my grandpa). Got it for a very good price but I had to go get it. Round trip 2800 miles in three days & two nights. A 1970 Jeep CJ5 with V6, 3sp & highway gears. Completely stock and will stay that way. This is the one I will flat tow (towbar) behind the Motorhome. Have her running, rebuilding the brakes & replacing all the stuff that could fail after sitting for 30 years. Mechanically will be done this week. Then I start the body. Coming from NE, grandpa drove it in the snow so there is rust. Floors & floor braces are gone. Great thing about owning a Jeep is the new panels came via UPS last Tues. Cost were very fair, would have cost more to make them myself. Will take a week (only work about 4 hours / day at this stage in life) to repair the body. Will primer and run her this winter on our winter trips. Will finish next summer. Taking the soft top off the '69.

The other one, 1969 Jeep CJ5, has turned into a serious off-road build. Lockers front & rear, big tires & rims, disc brakes, electric dual fans, headers, rollcage, 4:88 gears, overdrive & more. Setup to be towed with a towbar but will trailer to the play sites incase I BREAK it, LOL! Just had the trans & transfer case completely rebuilt and am now replacing the floor pedals with hanging pedals so I can use bigger master cylinders and a slave on the clutch.

Just a little update.

rocmoc n AZ/Mexico

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Nah, the new one is faded red and completely stock. Pretty ugly as it came out of the mid-west and was driven in the snow & salt. I have new floors & braces I will be installing this next week. Just got it running and it runs GREAT! Trying to get it ready for a winter trip behind the motorhome. Won't look great but will run great. Will deal with the looks in the Spring. Just got the new trans & transfer case back for the '69. Will install in the next couple of weeks but still have to rework the pedals so I can install the new brake & clutch setup. On a sidenote, just sold my sandrail today so made roon in the garages. Really liked it but with my best buddy getting motion sickness everytime we went in the sand, it had to go.

rocmoc n AZ/Mexico

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Little update. Jeeps for the most part are on hold because of upcoming trip and getting ready for winter. I have secured another tub/body to replace the rusty body on the '70. BUT it is not going on the '70. I was getting ready to install hanging pedals in the '69. SO instead I am putting the new tub which has hanging pedals on the '69 and moving the body off the '69 on to the '70 which has floor pedals. The replacement tub is a '74 and Jeep/AMC had completed moving the pedal. So I will have factory installed pedals instead of coming up with the design myself. In the bigger picture this is better & faster. In the mean time the '70 is drivable and will remain that way. I will do the work on the '69 first.

rocmoc n AZ/Mexico

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Ya I know lol how was Florida unfortunately if I start a jeep project ill have to sell the trooper to fund it lol

Or u can do what i do lol buy a jeep then let it sit as u slowly gather parts for it.

I'm in that stage for 3 other trucks plus my t2 (t2 just sitting due to cold and needing rear diff)

Jeeps are cool i want a Comanche and xj and maybe a ww2 willy and an full sized wagoneer

Sent from my DROID RAZR using Tapatalk 2

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